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2,500 Grams is too much.

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Q: How much is too much calcium?
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Related questions

What happens if you get too much calcium?

If you get too much calcium you may get calcium deposits on your bones.

Can you take too much calcium?

yes you can take in too much calcium

To much calcium in a person's diet may result in?

Calcium is very important in a person's diet. However, too much can be harmful. Too much calcium can lead to calcium deposits on the persons body.

How does too much calcium affect a bone's durability?

Too much calcium makes the bones brittle.

What causes too much calcium in your body?

Too much calcium in your body can be caused from consuming too much calcium. It could also signify a health problem, so talking to your doctor is ideal.

What causes too much calcium in the blood?

Too much calcium in the blood is due to Parathyroid Disease is the most related cause.

Are there side effects of taking too much calcium?

There some side effects of taking too much calcium. Too much calcium can create an imbalance of phosphate in the blood, it may also cause parathyroid gland disorders and so much more.

Can you die from too much calcium?

too much of anything is not good.....

Too much calcium in a person's diet may result in?

Too much calcium in a person's diet may result in kidney stones.

What happens if a plant receives too much calcium?

Too much calcium will result in a high pH. This will cause the nutrients to become too concentrated and they will eventually kill the plant.

What is the medical term meaning high urine calcium levels?

Hypercalciuria is a condition in which too much calcium is present in the urine. Hyper = too much calci = calcium uria = pertaining to urine

Can too much calcium cause leg cramps?

Yes, I believe it can. I was on extreme amounts of calcium (8000 mg/day plus 2 mcg of Calcium/Vitamin D supplement) due to damage to my parathyroids. I started having muscle cramps in my neck, arms, legs and back. I mentioned it to my doctor and after a blood test it was found I did have too much calcium in my blood. They said that cramping could be a sign of too much calcium (as well as too little calcium).

What does too much calcium do?

While I have never heard of too much calcium being bad for your eyes, I do know that it can lead to you developing kidney stones. Keep in mind I am not a doctor, I am just an EMT. What I am saying is there is a possibility of too much calcium can affect your eyes in a negative way, but I have never heard of this.

Can too much calcium in the body cause constipation?

no, but it can cause liver problems Hypercalcemia (too much calcium in the blood) can cause abdominal pain

What causes peaked t waves?

too much calcium

Can you take to many calcium supplements?

Just like any nutrient or mineral, you can have too little or too much. Your body stores calcium in the bones, right? Well, when your calcium level is too low, it leeches calcium from your bones to keep your blood calcium up. So the basic idea is to replace this calcium deficiency if you have one, but yes you can have too much. Your body has trouble absorbing a whole lot of calcium at one time too. Like say, instead of one huge portion of calcium in the morning, try spreading it out throughout the day.

What happens if you get to much calcium in the human body?

If you get too much calcium in the body, you can get sick, or possibly a kidney stone.

Can someone take too much calcium?

You can take too much of anything, But the resulting problems vary,

Problems with too much calcium in women?

If women get too much calcium and not enough vitamin D, the bones cannot absorb the calcium correctly. It can cause the parathyroid to function incorrectly, but more prominent women will form bone spurs.

How can you keep your bones healthy and strong?

You can consume alot of calcium. But not too much. Too much of anything is a bad thing. there are many ways like eating calcium, drinking milk...

What happens i f you get too much calcium?

You can get cramps

What happens if too much calcium is dissolved?

it will overflow

What happens if you had too much calcium?

Our kidneys generally get rid of the excess dietary calcium that we take in. However, too much calcium may lead to the formation of kidney stones. Since the kidneys are getting rid of a lot of calcium, the calcium crystals precipitate in the urine and if we do not take enough water, they form bigger and bigger crystals. Luckily now, kidney stones may be removed non-surgically. If calcium gets into our body intravenously, yes, too much calcium will cause your heart to beat erratically and it can kill you.

What would happen with too much calcium?

Just like anything else consumed, too much calcium can be harmful to the body. Overconsumption of calcium, or hypercalcemia, can result in kidney stones, irregular heart rhythm, and in severe cases, blood clots.

Should children take calcium?

Yes. Calcium is good but do not take too much,it's not healthy!