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How much is worth a 1922 5 cent coin?


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How much is a 1922 Ne zealand 5 cents worth now


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The only coin produced by the US Mint in 1922 was the Lincoln Cent minted in Denver.

The one cent Euro coin is worth 0.6452 of an American cent.

Most of these 1992 dated coins are worth around $4 each. The exact price of the coin will depend upon its condition.

Not much not even a cent

how much is a 2002 20cent coin worth ?

A silver 1829 5 cent coin is worth between £30 and £80

A five cent coin from 2005 is worth five cents.

1922 1 franc from France is a bronze coin worth less than 1 US dollar.

How much a 1901 Magyar 2 cent coin is worth depends on the condition of the coin. In average circulated condition, such a coin is worth 1 US dollar. In fully uncirculated condition, this coin is worth 5 US dollars.

How much is a 5 cent (square) 1980 Dutch coin worth, depicting Beatrix and Claus?

i think it is worth 20 dollars for each cent from neverland

A mill is worth 1/10 of a cent.

George Washington is on the 25-cent coin, not the 1-cent coin.

The coin has NO silver and is face value.

how much is a 1950 nederland 10 cent coin worth

It's still worth exactly one cent in Canada.

Look at the coin again, the first Two-Cent piece was made in 1864.

Check it again, as there was no two cent coin from that year.

So many were made that year if it's from pocket change spend it.

Look at the coin again, the last U.S. 3 cent coin was struck in 1889. Post new question.

1922 is one of the most common dates for silver dollars. As of November 2012, it's worth around $26.

Trinidad and Tobago use the Trinidadian dollar as a currency. A one cent coin from Trinidad is worth 0.00158 in American money.

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