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The U.S. did not mint any $1 coins in 1932, due to the Great Depression. Please check again and post a new question.

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What is value of silver twenty dollar coin worth?

1848. Silver. Twenty. Dollar. Coin

What is a 1986 silver dollar coin worth?

One dollar.

How much is a 1979 silver liberty dollar coin worth today?

The coin is not a silver liberty dollar. It's a 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar coin and has no silver in it and the value is one dollar.

What is a silver coin date 1702 worth?

What is a silver dollar from 1702 worth today

How much is a silver ten dollar coin worth from barbados?

It worth 1.1 Oz. of silver.

What is your 1924 liberty silver dollar worth?

A. The coin you are referring to is a PEACE dollar. This coin is 90% silver and worth its silver value, unless graded by a third party or in mint state. a standard fine condition coin is not worth anything over spot price of silver.

What is a liberty 1918 silver dollar worth?

No such coin exists. From 1905-1920 there was no dollar coin minted.

What is the worth of an 1882 silver dollar coin?

A dollarThat doesn't sound right

What is the value of an 1971 silver dollar coin?

It's worth one dollar.

How much is a half dollar silver coin worth?

HALF a dollar - $0.50

How much is a 1979 silver dollar worth?

It's not silver, no SBA dollar was struck in silver. The coin is still in circulation and only a dollar.

How much is a liberty 1979 silver dollar coin worth?

It's still worth one dollar.

What is a 1968 us silver dollar worth?

No such coin (that is intended for circulation) exists. The last silver dollar coin was minted in 1935. The only other coin since then to use the silver dollar size was the Eisenhower dollar first minted in 1971.

Is the 1982 Constitution silver dollar worth anything?

The coin is pure nickel with absolutely no silver, and is still worth one Canadian dollar.

What is a 1901 silver half dollar coin worth?

About $5.00

How much would an 1929 half dollar silver coin be worth?

Approximately how much is a 1929 silver dollar

What is a 1979 Morgan silver dollar worth?

Please check the date again. This coin is not a Morgan Silver Dollar.

1979 one dollar coin worth?

one dollar unless it is silver or uncirculated

What is a 1779 silver dollar worth?

The first US dollar coin was struck in 1794.

How much is a 1935 silver dollar coin worth?

You possess a Peace Dollar - a 1935 coin in very fine condition (VF20) is worth: $25.00.

How much is a 1779 silver dollar worth?

How much is a 1779 coin worth in the us

How much is a silver half dollar dated 1966 worth?

This coin is 40% silver. Too bad it is not from 64 or earlier, as those were 90% silver. It is worth a dollar or two.

How much is a 1776 20 dollar silver coin worth?


What is a 1863 silver dollar worth?

1863 siver liberty coin

How much is a five dollar silver coin worth?

about ten dollars