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It depends on what it is. Length is a matter an do is material that it is made from.

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Q: How much is your bayonet worth?
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How much is a bayonet worth?

The value or worth of a bayonet depends on several factors. These factors include the year it was made, its condition, and the demand for it.

How much is a 1876 french bayonet worth?


How much is your 1907 bayonet worth with a crown stamp?

Sorry- but a bayonet for WHAT? You told us the year, but not what rifle it is meant for.

How much is an antique bayonet worth?

Between $1 and $1,000. We need MUCH more information in order to give you a meaningful answer. WHICH bayonet? What Condition?

How much is a World War 1 German bayonet worth?


How much is this bayonet worth Waffenfabrik Mauser A-G Oberndorf?


How much is a World War 2 CSZ N bayonet worth?


How much is aww2 7mm mauser with banet worth?

Bayonet; 10-50 USD

How much is an 1875 pattern Martini Henry sawback bayonet worth?

Around $2500

How Much is this ufh uos 1942 bayonet worth?

$100 to a collector - try ebay

How much would your AKM type you bayonet serial number AX 7162 be worth?

- 5-50 usd

How much is this worth Modelo Argentino 1891 Mauser Army Sword Bayonet T9149?

$15 to $40 depending on condition.

You found this bayonet and you know nothing about it of how much its worth?

Take it to an antiques store and ask. It depends on what era its from. Civil war or WWI bayonets would be worth alot, but modern ones not so much.

What is a 1914 Elsener Schwyz saw tooth bayonet worth?

I have two

What is a French M 1878 bayonet worth in good condition?


What is the value of a waffenfabrik neuhausen bayonet serial number 108861?

A waffenfabrik neuhausen bayonet serial number 108861 is worth approximately 300 USD.

How much is a world war 1 bayonet worth?

To an interested buyer these can go anywhere between £2300-£5000, But Why would you sell such a beauty? __ Anywhere from nothing to hundreds of dollars. It's difficult to price a bayonet without knowing more about it. Condition, country, maker, whether it was used in WW1 etc all play a role in what the price would be. If you want an idea what your bayonet is worth, check out Ebay's militaria/ww1 section and compare yours to what is listed. This gives you a good idea about what the market will pay for your bayonet.

How much is a 1915 lithgow bayonet?

about 8000

How much is your old rifle worth?

if its a 1913 Pattern 14. army rifle that's in good condition with a bayonet attachment and still works and has all the parts to it, its probably worth a few million

How much is a world war 2 bayonet worth?

depends on the brand and where it came from and time it was made. any way it ranges between $100-$400

What is the value of a 1876 model 1874 gras sword bayonet?

it is worth £20

How do you find out if your bayonet is worth anything?

Go to: look under knifes and bayonets

What is a model 1899 d military bayonet and scabard worth?

I have been looking for a Savage 99d with the bayonet for a while. I was wondering if you could contact me and send me some pictures about your bayonet and scabard and maybe come to an agreement on the price of it. My Email is Thanks.

What is the value of an RFI bayonet 11 inches long 44 on hilt?

RFI, Rifle Factory Ishapor, in India made this bayonet. It is for a Enfield No. 2 or No. 2A. It is worth about $40.00 USD

What is a French model1886 Lebel infantry bayonet with scabbard worth?

depending on condition $50 - $75