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That depends upon the laws of the state in which the incident occurred, prior criminal convictions and so forth. The sentence that was imposed an then suspended relating to the terms of probation will have to be served now that the probation has been violated.

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What is a felony warrant for violation probation in Arkansas?

This would be a probation violation warrant for a person who was on felony probation.

What is a VOP warrant?

Violation of Probation Warrant

Is a warrant issued for a probation violation a felony warrant?

If the offense you were found guilty of when you received your probation sentence was a felony, then your violation will be a felony warrant.

What is a blue warrant?

A blue warrant is a violation of probation/parole

What is a vop warrant in Maryland?

Violation Of Probation

How long can you be held on a probation violation warrant for 748?

You can be held until the violation is resolved.

I have an out of state warrant for violation of probation. Probation has expired can I fight from here.?

If you have an out of state warrant for probation vialation, you must present yourself in that state to have it takin care of.

Will a probation violation result in a warrant issued?

Possibly. Your probation officer has all the power. If they feel you are a danger to the community they CAN violate your probation and if you fail to come in voluntarly, a warrant will be issued.

What if your ex is on felony probation and just got a bench warrant for Child Support will he go back to jail for violation of probation?

It depends on how his sentence of probation is structured. Child Support is a civil offense, not a criminal offense, but if he flees to avoid the bench warrant THAT definitely would be a violation.

What is the statute of limitations for misdemeanor violation of probation warrant in Florida?

Unfortunately there is NO statue of limitations on a Warrant. I think you have this mixed up with a Statute of Limitation on the actual Crime you were placed on probation for.

Can a probation violation warrant go away?

only by serving jail time...sorry.

How long will you be held in jail for a warrant for probation violation boise idaho?

4 days

What happens if you skip state while on probation?

A Probation Violation Warrant will be issued. Your probation could get revoked and you could be sentenced to a term of incareration in jail or prison.

Is a warrant issued for something different result in a probation violation?

Question is unclear - but - are you asking what will happen if you are on probation and commit another offense for which an arrest warrant is issued (???) - It most likely will result in your violating your probation for the original sentence and very probably mean that you could be remanded to jail for violation of parole (VOP).

What does a white warrant mean?

A White warrant is an arrest warrant that is issued typically for a probation or parole violation, or someone who absconds (flees) from supervision. Typically it is also a warrant which has ineligibility for bail.

What if your a juvenile and run away from probation and make it till your 18 can you get a job in another state that's not the one you were on probation in?

There would probably still be a warrant for your arrest on the violation of probation.

Can the police break down the door at your house for a felony probation violation warrant?

Yes, you are wanted for a FELONY!

Warrant for Probation violation in mi how long does this last?

Warrants never expire. They exist until canceled by the judge.

How long does it usually take to get a court date when you get picked up for a warrant for a probation violation?

4-6 weeks

Does a Tennessee violation of probation warrant end?

No. If you violated the terms of your sentence by violating it, you never satisfactorily completed your sentence.

What is administrative probation?

Administrative probation is sometimes referred to as "Court supervised" probation. Administrative Probation means you will not have to report monthly in person to a probation officer. However, you are still on probation. You still must complete all required terms and conditions of your probation or you face a warrant for your arrest for Violation of Probation.

What is the statute of limitation for a probation violation in Arizona?

Probation is a sentence for having been found guilty. If you have failed to complete your sentence it means that you haven't served your entire time and if you are evading your PO or the police you have absconded and are a fugitive. If you have a warrant out for you for probation violation, it means that you it won't go away.

How long can they hold you on probation violation with no arrest warrant in Boyd County KY?

Don't understand the question. If the authotrities do not have a warrant, then WHAT are they holding you on? If the 'wanting' jurisdiction has teletyped a "hoild" order until a warrant can be issued, that is sufficient to hold you. If it is an 'in-state violation,' mere knowledge that you are wanted is sufficient.

Does probation time stop when a warrant is issued?

If a warrant is issued for a violation of probation then the clock stops until probation is either reinstated or revoked in open court. If it is reinstated the amount of time between the violation and reinstatement will be added to the original probation period. Say you are on probation for 3 years and you are 16 months into your term and you violate the terms and ran for 4 months you would still have the 16 months remaining the 4 months would be what they call "dead time".

Can old warrant violate probation?

It's POSSIBLE. Because. . ., if the judge knew you you had an outstanding criminal warrant at the time he gave you a lenient sentence of probation. . . he might not have offered you probation in the first place.