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Q: How much land does landfills take up?
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What happens at a land fill?

Not too many companies want you to know what goes on at their landfills because they usually get up to very un-environmentally actions. But you are more likely to find out at a library or search 'American landfills' into google and you might get something . Happy Asking (:

How many glass bottles end up in landfills yearly?


Are landfills are located at the edge of towns so that they do not harm people or the environment?

Landfills are supposed to be located at the edges of a certain place so that there is a place for it to fill. Since landfills have some stench in it, it should be located far away from crowded areas. Landfills have to be at an area with a depression so that it will not pile up to become a garbage mountain.

Can landfills turn to farm land?

No. The soil layer over the land fill itself is too thin to be useful for growing crops on. Also, a lot of garbage will be churned up with tillage. Not to mention a lot of hazardous material that may be found in the landfill may seep up through the soil into the plants which can make for either low yields or some very sick people. Landfills shouldn't be turned into pasture either because of these same hazards: garbage being turned up and hazardous wastes. Landfills are better off being turned into golf courses, suburban areas or, in some areas, wildlife habitat. But never cropland. Over a period of about 10,000 years, the landfill will probably decompose and settle into something that should be usable as farmland. However, many of these processes are not well enough understood yet to guarantee that this will happen, largely due to some of the materials which have been placed in the landfills.

How much percent does argon take up in the atmosphere?

It takes up nearly 1%

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How much space do styrofoam cups take up in landfills?

30 %

How much space does 1 liter soda bottles take up in landfills?

The water bottles in landfills take up a great deal of space. It is estimated that about 20 percent of a landfill can be made up of plastic from water bottles.

How much paper ends up in landfills?


What will happen if landfills fill up?

When landfills fill up, people open up new landfills.

How much room does a landfill take up?

Depends on how big the landfill is. Larger cities will usually have larger landfills than smaller cities.

Where does much of the trash that is generated by americans end up?

The trash Americans generate ends up in landfills. Landfills are becoming full and it is a problem to decide what to do with all the trash.

How much land does the bottle nose dolphin take up?

They're aquatic, so they don't take up any land.

How much land do plateaus take up?


How much land does the forest take up?

have no idea

What is landfill covered with and why?

Landfills are filled with garbage that cannot be incinerated. Landfills can help reduce the amount of garbage that cannot be incinerated left on land. This will reduce the unsightliness of the area, the bad smells and the land taken up, which can be used to develop other things.

What animals do landfills hurt?

landfills hurt anyone, they take up space and since plastic doesn't desintigrate they are almost like littering tons of trash.

How can a landfill avoid pollution?

For landfills in the seas, rubbish is being filled into the sea. This will avoid land pollution, where rubbish is being stocked up and polluting the air as well. Landfills on land are concentrated in one place instead of it being all over the city.