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How much methane is used in a year?

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1,000,000,000,000 gallons

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How much methane does one cow emit?

A cow releases between 70 and 120 kilograms of methane a year.

How much methane gas is produced by cows each year?

a lot

Why is methane used in gas fires?

It is used Because Methane Gas is flamable.

What is methane hydrate used for in the ocean?

what is methane in the ocean

What gas is used when methane is burnt?

Methane and oxygen.

What is methane gas and how is it used?

Methane is a type of alcohol.The gas evolved from it is known as methane gas.It is used in industrial chemical process and can be used in refrigerated liquid.

Has methane gas be used for electricity?

Methane gas has been used to generate electricity.

Is methane used in plastics?

No. it is not used directly. But for heating during the formation of plastic methane may be used as a fuel.

What are some uses for methane gas?

Methane gas is used in gas appliances such as stoves, it is what they run on. It is also used to heat houses and liquid methane is used in rocket fuel.

What are some uses for methane?

Methane is used as Fuel and in industries it is used to produce other chemicals such as hydrogen.

How much methane do sheep produce daily?

In Australia, about 10kg per year amounting to about 27g per day.

Why is methane used in fuel?

As far as a I know methane Ch4 is not used in car fuel , it is octane which is used in car fuel C8H18 .

How much methane is produced from landfills?

Assuming a 60% Organic/ 40% non organic trash mixture, your looking at around 127 m3 of methane per year can be produced per ton of trash.

What does methane do to the environment?

Methane is a green house gas. If it is too much of it is released, it pollutes the air.

What is the use of Methane gas?

Methane is the main product of natural gas, which is used on your stove burner

Methane found in coal mine called?

methane gas used in mines is called a firedamp.

How much methane gas produce from 10 kg dry cow dung?

how much methane gas can we get from 10 Kg cow dung.

How much methane is there on Saturn?

1000000000 tons0

Is methane the gas that powers a Bunsen burner?

It depends what is supplied. In many places it is piped natural gas, which is mostly methane.

How does methane gas provide energy for anything?

Methane currently is not used as a power source, but methane is flamable and can be used to power things. Scientists are already thinking of ideas on how to use methane to power rocket thrusters. When it burns, there is a net loss of covalent bonds; this releases energy.

How much pollution goes up into the air every year?

about 70 000 olympic size swimming pools filled with methane gas.

What are uses for methane?

Used for cooking as gas

Why is methane used for making windows?


What can you use methane for?

It is used as fuel gas.

What sort of gas is used in the laboratory?


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