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If by "air" you mean oxygen, then the mole ratio can by found by balancing a reaction equation. CH4 + 202 -> CO2 + 2H2O The ratio is 1:2.

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Q: What is the mole ratio of air to methane gas in the cumbustion of methane?
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What could cause incomplete cumbustion of a fuels?

Wrong air/fuel ratio Poor atomisation of fuel Poor spark Incorrect timing of spark

What three things equal cumbustion?

air,fuel and a heat source

What is the stoichiometric air fuel ratio for nitro methane ch3no2 and air o2 and n2?

1.7 kg air is required to burn 1 kg of nitromethane. AFR = 1.7

Will methane gas rise when released in the air?

Methane gas settles down because methane gas is heavier than and is carried by the upward displacement of air. ---------------------------------------------- The density of methane is 0,717 g/L and the density of air is 1,2 g/L at 0 0C; consequently methane gas raise in the air.

What is the mass of air required for the complete combustion of 1g of methane?

CH4 + 2 O2 --> CO2 + 2 H2Ox / 64 = 1 / 16x = 4 g oxygenAssuming oxygen is 20% oxygen...4 = .2 xx = 20 g air that is one possible answer.A better answer--- air is 20% oxygen by volume and 80% nitrogen by volume.1g methane / 16 = 0.0625 mole0.0625 / 1mole meth = x / 2mole oxyx = 0.125 mole oxygen =20% of air--- 0.625 mole 'air'0.2 x 32 + 0.8 x 28 = 28.8 g/mole of air0.625 x 28.8 = 18 grams of airSince air is 20% oxygen by volume, the 2nd answer is best.

Is methane lighter than air?

Yes methane is lighter than air because it is less dense than air.

Methane is colorlessodorless gas. It oxidizes in air and has a boiling point of -161C. Which property of methane is a chemical property?

The fact that it oxidizes in air is a chemical property of methane.

Why do people breathe oxygen instead of methane?

The main reason is that oxygen is abundant in the atmosphere but methane is not. Air is 21% oxygen but only 0.00018% methane, so there is not enough methane in air to be of any use.

Is flatulence lighter than air?

Flatulence contains a portion of methane gas, and the methane portion is lighter than air.

How does methane pollute the air?


What is methane when it burns in the air?


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