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I just drained a coconut. I got about 1/4 cup of liquid.

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How much coconut milk equals 1 cup milk?

A cup of coconut milk is exactly the same size

Is coconut meat edible?

Yes. Although coconut milk is often extracted first the 'meat'of the cocunut is actually a nut - and this is where the shredded coconut you find in the grocery store comes from. It is much better fresh from the coconut than it is after being dried or preserved.

How much does a gallon of coconut milk weigh?

A gallon of coconut milk weighs 8.5 pounds.

How much cholesterol does milk have?

none. coconut milk does not contain cholesterol.

How much protein does coconut milk have?


How much does coconut milk cost in Egypt?


Can coconut milk substitute for evaporated milk?

No, coconut milk and evaporated milk have very different consistencies. Evaporated milk is milk that has about 60% of the water removed which is why it is so thick. Coconut milk is a much more watery milk, which has a coconut flavor. A good substitute for evaporated milk would be using dry milk powder and adding only 40% of the water recommended, or else use buttermilk. Hope this helps.

How much is 50g in ml of coconut milk?

one liter

How much calories does coconut milk contain?

depends on the quantity

Why the water is inside the coconut?

Because when the coconut is young, it does not have much meat to mix the water with into coconut milk. when it matures, there is more meat it can mix with.

How much fresh coconut can you consume in 1 day?

it depends how hungry you are !

How much fresh milk can be made from 1 kg of skimmed milk powder?

10 lits fresh milk is prepared from 1 kgs of skimmed milk powder.

How much calcium is in one glass of milk?

Usually, 300mg in fresh milk.

How much protein is there in 100g of milk?

there is 3.3g of protein in a 100 grams of fresh whole milk.

What can you do if you add too much curry paste in a dish?

add some coconut milk It works

How much fresh milk can be substituted for dry milk powder?

If you're making a quart of milk from powder, it takes a quart of fresh to substitute for it. If you're making a glass of milk from powder, it takes a glass of milk to substitute for it. There is no substitute for the concentrated powder so you have to figure it in equal quantities of either fresh milk or finished milk made from powder.

Are there any side affects when a kitten drinks coconut milk?

they might get sick same affect as milk drink to much might get sick

How much powdered milk do you need to make 2 cups of fresh milk?

breaking them but i wouldn't do it because its mean

Can coconut milk or creme de coconut be used in recipes in place of whole milk?

I'm sure you could, as it would act the same as milk. However, you probably want to cut the amount or thin the coconut milk a bit, as it's so much richer. Be careful. Milk contains fats that may be necessary for some recipes to work. It also contains proteins that react with eggs, flours, etc. Coconut milk and creme de coconut are entirely different food products and won't react chemically the same way. If all you needed the milk for originally was moisture then the substitution may be fine. I'd experiment first when it didn't matter if it fails. Also, if using coconut milk to a savory recipe, add it as close to the end, and try not to boil -- to prevent curdling.

Can you use regular milk instead of condensed milk in recipes?

Condensed milk and regular (fresh) milk are very different ingredients. Condensed milk is much thicker and sweeter-- it has a syrupy consistency and can be eaten with a spoon. Fresh milk is very different, not as thick or sweet and drinkable. Regular milk is not a good substitute for condensed milk.

Does UHT milk taste different from fresh milk?

Yes. Generally UHT milk has a more burnt taste due to the high heat treatment required. Fresh pasteurised milk could also have a slight burnt taste, but much less than UHT milk.

What was the average price of milk for Ohio in 2008?

The average price of milk for Ohio is too much it cant be determined

Is coconut milk when diluted as good for you as coconut water?

yes. I am not sure I would completely agree that coconut milk is a good as coconut water when diluted. However Coconut milk is still great, yes but is higher in saturated fat that coconut water. Nonetheless coconut milk is good for you because while its does contain saturated fats this fat is easily metabolized by the body and also contains a high amount of Lauric acid (something good for you) same substance you will find in mothers milk. Coconut water on the other hand also great doesn't contain as much Lauric acid as it's fat free but it's loaded with electrolytes, potassium and magnesium. Some even claim it's a substitute for your favourite sport energy drink but that debatable. However if you are ever in a pinch and need quick re-hydration coconut water can be taken intravenously. Personally I wouldn't confuse the two; while drink /concoctions can be made from the milk I believe the most refreshing and nutritious beverage of the two is pure and natural coconut water.

How much longer camel milk can be kept fresh for use?

Camel milk can be kept for longer duration at room temperature than other milk. Scientists have reported that fresh camel milk can be kept for 8 hr. at 30°C, pasteurized camel milk can last for more than 10 days at 4ºC and when lactoperoxidase system is activated fresh milk can be stored at 30ºC for about 20 hrs.

How much was milk in 1943?

the local farmer charged 2d a pint(fresh from the cow.