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How much moles does 53.2g of palladium contain?

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53,2 g of palladium contain 0,5 moles.

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The answer is 2,567 moles.

Depends how much of it you have.

It depends on how much you have.

1 kg pd can produce aroud 60% of chloride of pd ,some pd lost in the form of oxides and other forms... mukesh.

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Palladium jewelry is generally made in 2 different purity levels, 95% and 90% pure. Jewelry made with 95% palladium will be marked 950 and the remaining 5% is made with ruthenium. Items made with 90% palladium are marked 900 and will be mixed with 10% ruthenium. Both palladium and ruthenium are from the PGM family of metals otherwise known as the platinum group. PGM metals are found naturally white and are considered precious. Jewelry that is mass produced in China is alloyed with copper in place of ruthenium and is considered to be of lesser quality. If you have a jewelry that is not marked but you suspect is palladium you should take it to a local jeweler for testing. Most jewelers will use an electronic tester to determine its exact metal content.

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Palladium's cost peaked in 2001 at about 35 US dollars per gram.

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