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== == You usually make $83,000 to $90,000 a year.

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Q: How much money can you earn with a bachelor's degree in Human Resources in Mississippi?
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How long will it take to get a human resource degree?

A bachelors degree in Human Resources will take the same amount of time as most degrees which is four years. A lot of the education you will need for a human resources degree, is business as well as psychology classes.

What is the first step in begining your human resources career?

The first step is to get into and educational program to get some type of certification in human resources. While a college degree is not required, a bachelors or masters degree may be needed for advancement.

What is academic major?

academic minor is secondary degree requirements under your major which is your main specialization for example bachelors of science business administration degree human resources major marketing minor

What would be the qualifications required to pursue a Human Resources job?

In order for one to pursue a job in Human Resources most companies require one to have a Bachelors Degree. Occasionally a company will hire a person with acceptable related work experience.

What kind of education is required to become a HR manager?

In order to become a HR manager you will need to have had an education which, would have gotten you into a University. From there you could gain a bachelors degree in Human Resources. The other option would be to gain a certificate in the Human Resources field.

What further education follows from first degree in Human Resources Degree?

Once you obtain your degree in Human Resources it is highly recommended as with any program that you continue your degree to at least the Master's degree area. I would suggest an area similar to the Human Resources area.

Can I get a human resources degree online?

Yes, there are many great schools online that offer a degree in human resources. Things to consider are your budget and timeline for achieving your degree.

Can I obtain a human resources degree online?

If you can you can check for specific schools that offer the degree. If they offer it, you can get it. I would think Human Resources is the type of degree that can be obtained online.

What qualifications are required to work in human resources?

To work in human resources, it is required that someone has a few years experience in the human resources job market, or has a degree in a major related to human resources.

Does Texas A&M offer human resource management as a degree?

Yes Texas A&M offers human resource management as a degree. They offer Bachelors and Masters degrees in HRM.

Where do I obtain training towards a human resources degree?

Most business schools offer degrees in human resources, as well as general education colleges. Human resources is a common and necessary degree so lots of places offer it.

What type of college degrees do you need to became Hr job bank?

To get a bank job in human resources you either need to have a bachelors degree or a masters degree will help in this particular field. It is also best to start with an internship unless the field is hiring for paid positions.