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how much does a Medical Assistant make a hour?

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Q: How much money can you earn with an associate's degree in medical assistance?
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Who makes more money medical billing or dental assistance?

i beleve its medical billing

How much money does a photographer earn with an associates degree?

it depends on how much a photographer charges. as it is nearly up to them

What jobs are available if you have an associates degree in accounting?

It depends on what kind of accounting job that you want. You can get an associates degree in Accounting ( two years of education)... or you can get a bachelors degree (four years), masters degree (six years)... so on and so forth... the more education, the more money you will make.

What job can you get with an associates degree in computer science?

Having a degree can help a person obtain a better job and make better money. Jobs available for a person with an associates degree in computer science are computer programmers, system analyst, and computer support specialist.

How much money do nurses with associates degree make?

I earn $75,000 thousand dollors a year. I work with children.

How much money does a medical administrative assistant make in Michigan?

I would like to know how much can an Administrative Medical Assistance would make starting? I would like to know how much can an Administrative Medical Assistance would make starting?

What are the benefits of earning an associate's degree compared to those of a bachelors degree?

Earning an associates degress takes less time and money than a bachelors degree. It is not as high of a degree as a bachelors, but it gets you into the work force quicker and with less school debt.

How can I get my social work degree to get the most money?

It is always better to get the bachelors degree rather than the associates degree. Yes, it might be more school but that also mean more knowledge in Social Work. Also, with the more knowledge that you have they higher your pay will be.

How does Oxfam help improve people's lives in Egypt?

they give the money clean water medical assistance help starting schools and soon

What kinds of jobs can I get with a project management degree?

You can manage products at a company, such as shipment and production, distribution. It would probably be better to go ahead and earn your business associates degree and earn more money then production management.

Who has won money on RW Rich and Associates?

No one

Can I obtain an associates degree for Dental Assisting?

Yes, you can get an associates degree for Dental Assisting. It is called the Associates Degree in Applied Science for Dental Assisting. You will first need to get your Certified Dental Assisting Diploma certification. Then you can further your education by enrolling in a short program to obtain your degree. You will become an Expanded Duties Dental Assistant, and make more money because you'll be able to take x-rays, and you will have more education. It pays better than just the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) . You should contact Local schools in your area for this program.

Can I get my associates degree online?

Online associate degrees are available at a number of online schools. Many are not accredited so it is important to do your research before enrolling or paying any money.

How much money someone will get with bachelor's degree?

This varies greatly. For example someone with a bachelors degree in the medical field can make close to $70,000 annualy vs. someone with a degree in English who is only going to make whatever money they get from writing,selling and publishing books.

If someone dies in a nursing home under medicare and money is in her estate what happens to the money?

If the money is in the sole name of the decedent it can be attached for any funds owed to the nursing home or to the government for government provided medical assistance.

What is the average salary for someone with a master's degree?

depends on the job. all the medical fields occupations get lots of money i think

What is an associate degree that can make a lot of money?

There are many good career options in the associates area. If you are looking for a career that requires an associates and you do not plan on pursuing a bachelors, look toward the technologies and allied health fields. However, making a lot of money does not depend so much on the degree, but on the person who holds the degree. In other words, your assertiveness, experience, character, abilities, how well you communicate etc. Lastly, making a lot of money is not synonymous with happiness and job satisfaction. To experience true success, you must have a passion for what you do, and the benefit it brings others as well as yourself.

What is the salary in biotechnology?

Too low. Get a medical or engineering degree if you want money. That's on average, however the number one undergrad degree for the top 1% of America is biochemistry.

What are the basic requirements to get a job as a Dental Hygenist?

One must have completed a high school program with a diploma or a GED certificate. To become a dental hygenist takes 2 years for either the certificate or the associates degree. It would be better to attend an Associates program if one has to serve two years of educational service might as well get a degree for your time, effort, and money.

What kind of degree do you need to pursue a career in data mining?

You need at least a certificate to start in data mining. Most places of employment prefer at least an associates though. To make the most money in this field, you would need a bachelor's degree.

Can collection agency get money from student on assistance?


Is an associate's degree a good degree to have?

No you get very little money. You probably want to get your masters degree or your doctorist degree. You get alot of money

How much money can you make with an Associates Degree in Drug and Alcohol Counseling?

It would depend on where in the county you are. Here in NY with a CASAC one could make around 30 - 40k per year.

Does an RN with associates make as much as RN with a bachelors?

No, if you have your BSN you are considered first for jobs, make more money starting off, and move up faster than if you only have your A.S. degree

How much money does a Associates degree in marketing earn average after graduation?

How much someone with this degree earns depends on what type of job they are able to get after graduation. Marketing positions do not always require degrees and average around 40,000 dollars per year to start.