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Q: How much money did President George W Bush earn as president?
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Who was the only US President to have sworn in a future president?

President George bush President George bush President George bush

Who was first Clinton or bush as president?

In order : President George Bush, President Clinton, and then President George W. Bush (President George Bush's son).

Who was the president after bush?

The President after President George Bush Sr. was President Bill Clinton, while the President after President George Bush Jr. is President Barack Obama.

The second president to be elected after their father was president?

The second president to be elected after his father was president was George W. Bush. George Bush was the 41st president and George W. Bush was the 43rd president.

Who was president for eight years?

George W. Bush was president for eight years. George W. Bush was president for eight years.President George W. Bush was president for eight years.

Was George Bush our previous president?

George W. Bush WAS our previous president!

Who are some politicians?

President ObamaPresident ClintonPresident George W. BushPresident George WashingtonPresident George BushAND ALL THE PRESIDENTS! AND THE GOVERNORS!

What president has spent the most money on travel?

george bush

Which president was actually the son of a president?

George W. Bush is the son of former president George H. W. Bush. George W. Bush was the 43rd president of the United States.

Who is George Bush-?

George Bush was the former president of the united States. His son George W. Bush was also president.

Who was George W Bush Vice president for?

George W. Bush was not the vice president.

When was George Bush 1 president?

The older George Bush was President 1989-93.

Was George W Bush vice president before becoming president?

No, George W. Bush was never vice president. His father, George Herbert Walker Bush, was the Vice President to Ronald Reagan for 2-terms before George Bush Sr. became president.

Who was the US President before President Obama?

The 43rd President of the United States was George W. Bush from January 20, 2001 to January 20, 2009. President Bush was the President before President Barack Obama.George W. Bush.

What is the number of presidencies from George Washington to George W. Bush?

George Washington was the 1st president, George Walker Bush is the 43rd president.

Was president bush in the CIA before he was president?

There were TWO Presidents, Bush. President George H. W. Bush ran the CIA at one time. President George W. Bush (his son), was NOT in the CIA.

When was President George Bush Turnpike created?

President George Bush Turnpike was created in 1977.

To what political party does president George W. Bush belong?

George W. Bush (43rd President) is a Republican, as is his father George H. Bush (41st President).

How much money does President George W. Bush have?


What president borrowed the most money while in office?

george bush

What president spent the most money overseas?

George W Bush

Was George Bush senior or George Bush juinor president in 2000?

George W. Bush the junior was elected president in the year 2000.

Did George Bush have sons who became president?

George H.W. Bush had one son who became president, namely George W. Bush.

Which presidents are still alive?

President Bill Clinton, President Jimmy Carter, President George HW Bush President George W Bush President Barack Obama

What future presidents did Raymond vaughan predict?

President George Bush President Bill Clinton President George Bush junior President Barack Obama