How much money did it take to repair mt st helens eruption?


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To be precise AU$789,672,995.46



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Approximately 370 sq miles of land was destroyed in the eruption of 1980.

it costed about 1.5 million to repair the damage of Krakatoa

Everything within 3 miles of the volcano

Mt. St. Helens was not the largest volcanic eruption in history. Through recent history there have been much larger. The May 18, 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens was a V.E.I. 5. The V.E.I. system also known as the Volcanic Explosivity Index ranges from 0-8. These ratings are based on the output of material in Cubic Kilometers when the eruption is explosive. There is not a definitive answer to the largest explosive eruption on Earth in its entire history; However, the most recent Eruption that made the highest V.E.I. rating of 8 was 74,000 YBP at the Toba Supervolcano in Indonesia.

About $50,000,000,000 in U.S. dollars.

There is no telling how much money it will cost to rebuild a town after a volcanic eruption. It will cost billions to trillions of dollars.

thousand and thousands and even in the millions

The 1984 Mauna Loa eruption caused no damage or money loss

It was a suprise as to how large the initial explosion really was and how much of the mountain was actually lost.

You can make as much money as your business brings in for shoe repair. A lot depends if you have your own business or if it is online.

Climate did not change after this eruption. It takes a very large eruption, and it needs to be explosive enough to eject enough into the stratosphere. It also helps a lot if the volcano is in the tropics where it is easier for the atmosphere's circulation to move the aerosols to both hemispheres.

Like many stratovolcanoes, Mount St Helens has produced material of mafic, felsic, and intermediate composition. Overall, much of the material is itermediate. The 1980 eruption and later activity have produced dacite, which has an intermediate-felsic composition

The worst eruption of Santorini ocurred some time between 1500 and 1700 BC. Realtively little is known about the eruption as few records survive from this time. What is known is that the erumption was enormous, likely 100 times larger than the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. A massive quantity of ash was pumped into the atmosphere, likely blanketing much of the Mediterranean. As the eruption drained the magma chamber, much of the island collapsed into the ocean, generating massive tsunamis.

A large portion of one side of the mountain was blown away. Trees were blown down for miles, and much of the land was buried under volcanic ash.

How much did it cost for the eruption of Ruiz,Columbia

Not enough to make a career of it.

The May 18, 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens was a strong enough eruption to cause minor global climate change. With the amount of ash and sulfur dioxide that the mountain was able to put into the upper atmosphere, although it is difficult to pinpoint how much the global temperature was actually effected by Mt. St. Helens, the scientists do know it happened. The reason it is hard to pinpoint what temperature change was directly caused by Mt. St. Helens is because there were several large eruptions around the same time period that almost certainly would have contributed to the temperature changes in the following years.

A lot of money. Because of the road caused by the lava flow.

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