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How much money do garbage men earn?


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I think around $12 per hour.

In 2008, the states where refuse collectors earned the highest hourly average payment were New York ($22.64), District of Columbia ($20.81), Washington ($20.13), California ($19.77) and Alaska ($19.49). States close behind in the running were Illinois ($18.15) and Wisconsin ($18.06). In Mercer's 2009 survey, New York City was the eighth-most expensive city in the world. With an annual average earning of $47,080, refuse collectors in New York City may still have a hard time making ends meet, especially those with families.

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Garbage men make in between 12-18 dollars per hour but that depends on who your working for or where or how well you do it.

Garbage men make in between 12-18 per hour but that depends on who your working for or where or how well you do it.

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