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Ask someone at the reference desk of your local public library for the Occupational Outlook Handbook. It lists all kinds of information you would need to know,(including the salary) of just about any occupation you can think of.

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Q: How much money do lawyers concentrating in real estate settlements earn?
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How can a lawyer help me get more money for accident settlements?

Lawyers can help you get more money for accident settlements in a number of ways, including by putting pressure on the insurance company. Lawyers also have contacts to help you seek medical treatment and get proper documentation of your injuries for the negotiations..

How do lawyers make their money?

Lawyers charge fees for services rendered. Some will charge a flat rate while others charge a percentage of whatever settlements are acquired.

Given the recession, are real estate lawyers getting demoted or fired because of the lack of sales?

Lawyers charge hourly rates. Therefore they can go out of business because they aren't working enough. They usually just make less money in bad times, but they can also benefit in some ways because of disputes over bad real estate deals.

Lawyers make too much money off of their clients.?

Lawyers make too much money off of their clients.

How much money do custody lawyers earn?

Lawyers get 20 000 pound a week

How does a beneficiary know if he has to add this money to an estate?

The only reason a beneficiary would add money to an estate would be if they owed money to the estate at the death of the deceased.

What are the release dates for Lawyers Guns and Money - 2014?

Lawyers Guns and Money - 2014 was released on: USA: 1 November 2014

Is money received as a beneficiary from an estate taxable?

Money received as a beneficiary from an estate is not considered taxable. Money that is left on behalf of an estate is an inheritance and is considered to be tax free.

Careers that make a lot of money?

Accountant, Lawyer, Judge, barrister and lots more..LawyersDoctorsReal Estate AgentsTeachersNovelistsPharmacistsNursesThere are a lot of careers that make a lot of money-those are just some!

How much is Farrah Fawcett worth?

Farrah Fawcett's estate is estimated at about 15-30 million. Her son Redmond is given an allowance due to his age and his issues with drugs, his mother and her lawyers want to protect his money and his mother's memory by helping him with his money.

What are the release dates for Top of the Hill - 1989 Lawyers Guns and Money?

Top of the Hill - 1989 Lawyers Guns and Money was released on: USA: 1989

If an heir of an estate dies who is entitled to that portion of the money?

If an heir of an estate dies who entitled to that portion of the money?

Do you have to pay taxes on estate money received?

Yes, you will have to pay taxes on any estate money received.

What do lawyers do when it comes to embezzlement?

"When it comes to embezzlement, lawyers are stealing money from their clients. If a lawyer is involved in an embezzlement case, he/she would have to prove that money was stolen starting with finding the money and working backwards to see how the money got there."

What Are the Benefits of Working with Estate Planning Lawyers?

When you begin to plan for the future and for taking care of your family in the event of an accident or serious illness, you may be tempted to look into online services rather than estate planning lawyers. While it may appear that you’re able to save money by using legal forms online, there are a number of benefits that estate planning lawyers offer. What are some of the benefits that you’ll discover when you start working with estate planning lawyers? First and foremost, when you work with an attorney who specializes in wills, trusts and other estate planning activities, you can be sure that your documents are not being prepared with a cookie cutter approach. Working with an estate planning attorney will ensure that you are asked the right questions throughout the process - and that will help you to know that nothing has been overlooked as your documents are created. Similarly, when you work with estate planning lawyers to create the documents that you need, you will find that you are working with the most current legal data available. In other words, if you’re looking into using online tools to save money, there are no guarantees about when the forms were last updated. If laws have changed in any way, working with an attorney will ensure that you are aware of it. Finally, by working with estate planning lawyers rather than trying to create wills, trusts, or other documents on your own, you will make a personal connection. If your situation changes - your income changes and you’d like to put a greater amount into the trust you form or you have been looking at a different individual to be the guardian of your children - you’ll simply need to make a phone call to ensure that your documents are updated accordingly. Ultimately, what you will find is that working with estate planning lawyers enables you to know that you’re getting the best possible services and that your needs will be met. When you work with a specialized attorney to create your estate documents, you can rest assured that your loved ones will be taken care of exactly the way that you want them to be.

Why do people become lawyers?

People become lawyers because they feel the need to help others. Some become lawyers to help promote a cause such as environmental lawyers. The money is also a good motivator.

Can executors use estate money for their own personal use?

That would be a breach of fiduciary duty. They money of the estate belongs to the estate and can only be used for estate purposes until properly distributed.

Who sings Lawyers guns and money?

Warren Zevon

How much money do lawyers make annually?


How much money do lawyers earn in a month?

it depends

In which city do lawyers make more money?


What benefits do lawyers working in law firms get?


How much do lawyers get paid to vacation?

Most people, lawyers included, don't make any money when they are on vacation.

Can you sell the future rights to income?

It depends on what you mean by "future income". There are companies that buy structured settlements for a fraction of the total value. There are also companies that will loan money on an inheritance while the estate is being probated

How do you divide an estate when two of three heirs owe money to the estate?

The value of the estate, which includes the debts owed to it as well as the debts the estate owes, is divided up into three parts. The amount those that owe the estate money receive is off-set against the debt. If there are more debts owed by the estate then it is worth, those owing money will have to pay it to the estate.