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How much money do truck drivers get paid?

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2 cents an hour

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How are truck drivers paid?

with money.

How much do truck drivers get paid?

How much truck drivers get paid varies. Some truck drivers can make upwards of 50,000 per year depending on the company.

How much money do armored truck drivers make?

highest paid truckdriver job

How much do garbage truck drivers get paid?

Garbage truck drivers get paid a fair amount of money for their job, depending on things like education and physical ability. It is also a union job, so the benefits are quite nice.

How much does a truck driver earn a year?

Truck drivers get paid by the load, per mile, or by job. The salary of a truck driver will depend on what way they get paid and how much they work. Truck drivers can make anywhere from 50,000 and up.

How much do monster truck drivers get paid a night?


How much money does a truck driver earn weekly in Indiana?

Most truck drivers are paid by the load or by the mile. Because of this there is no set amount you would be making weekly.

How much do dump truck drivers get paid?

About 1,000 a week on a site

How much do Pepsi truck drivers make a hour?

Most truck drivers do not get paid hourly. They get paid by the mile. I'm not certain this is the case here though. Getting paid by the mile often depends on how much OTR (over-the-road) experience they have.

Do truck drivers get paid more than NBA players?

No.... Truck drivers get paid around 60-100k a year sometimes more ,it depends on how much you drive. NBA player get paid around 3 million minimum just to sit on the bench. -dad is a truck driver -I searched it up for nba

How much do monster truck drivers get paid?

It depends on the event they go to, They usually all get paid the same amount of money just for showing up to an event. The average driver makes $60,000 USD per year.

What is the average wage of car hauler truck drivers?

No stats on this were taken. What a truck driver gets paid depends on how they're paid - hourly (typical for local drivers), mileage, or percentage (the latter two are more common for long distance drivers), what they get paid per stop, etc. How much experience they have and what their company is willing to pay for their experience also factors in.

How much money does a tow truck driver earn in Simi Valley California?

All I can tell you is that most drivers are either paid a set pay no matter how much they work or 30% of the tow. Sometimes both. How much is a tow there?

How much money does a monster truck driver make a year?

they get paid in trident layers

What Do NASCAR Truck Drivers Get Paid?

$250,000 usually if they win a race

How much does a Truck driver make an hour?

i think they make 30 dollars an hour I am a truck driver in Houston Tx. I used to get paid 14 dollars an hour. In midland Texas there was a truck driving position that start out at 18 dollars an hour. So it all depends what you haul what company and here you are at. Most of the time truck drivers get paid by the mile or by the load. There are only a few hourly truck drivers.

How much money do Nascar Sprint Cup owners make?

Nascar owners get paid 15,000,000 to 60,000,000 depending on who the drivers are and also how many drivers he has

How much can I expect to make in a year with a career in trucking?

First year truck drivers can easily make $40,000 in their first year. If you own your own truck already you might be able to make a little more. In truck driving you get paid per mile so the more you drive the more money you can make.

How much do truckers get paid?

Depends on the type of trucking job. Local drivers often get paid by the hour depending on type of truck. From $8.00 for box truck to $25 or more for a tractor trailer depending on what's hauled Regional drivers get paid by hour, job, or mile or a combination of the 3 it varies with the company. Over the Road Drivers get paid by the mile. Starting drivers could get from 21 cents per mile to .28 cents per mile or more after 1st year of driving. You really must narrow down your interest in the type of trucking job your seeking information on to get a better answer about how much do trucker get paid.

How much money do NJ school bus drivers get paid?

school bus drivers makes $350/weekSources; Im a school bus driver

How much money does a Nascar track make per race?

A Nascar drivers pay is determined by how they do in the race. The drivers divide the purse with first and second place drivers being paid the most.

What do school bus drivers get paid?

Not much

How much money does a person with a cdl license earn?

There isn't a set rate. There are three classes of CDL, and hundreds of jobs which require a CDL (not all CDL drivers do nothing but drive a truck). Where they live and what exactly they do will affect what they're paid.

How much is the 2005 hess truck worth?

a few dollars more then you paid for it.. 1990 and before is where they start to cost money

How much money do TTC bus drivers earn?

By doing some research, I found out that some drivers get paid $28-30! It really surprised me because they were on a strike before, and they had no reason to think they don't get paid nearly enough money as they'd like! Interesting, eh?