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How much money does a cosmetic sales counter person earn?

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This will depend on the company and where in the country you work in my experience a counter manager can earn between

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What jobs are there in the beauty industry?

A cosmetic sales person.

What are counter sales?

Sales made in a shop over the counter.

What are the advantages of credit sales?

its advantages are * the person need not to pay money at sport *the person had got a credit offers in credit sales

What is it called by when the sales person gets the money of a sale?


What is the duties of sales lady?

what are the duties of a sales supervisor? what are the functions a supervisor? what are the duties of a marketer? what are the duties of a sales lady of a cosmetic product?

How much does a furniture sales person make?

The amount of money that a furniture sales person makes depends on the company and level of expertise. Bigger companies pay sales people more.

How much money can a diamond blade sales person make?

Not Much!

How do you find out the full price of an item?

Ask the sales person!Ask the sales person!Ask the sales person!Ask the sales person!

How much money does the average sales person make?

At least minimum wage $7.25

Who is the largest cosmetic company?

L'oreal. 17 billion Euros in worldwide sales for 2007

What do you call a person that sells tools?

Could be referred to as a vendor or sales person.Could be referred to as a vendor or sales person.Could be referred to as a vendor or sales person.Could be referred to as a vendor or sales person.Could be referred to as a vendor or sales person.Could be referred to as a vendor or sales person.

What are the sales positions in Walmart?

Sales Associate, Sales Floor Associate, Shoe Sales Associate, Sales Associate Electronics, Sales Associate Sporting Goods, Pharmacy Sales Associate, Jewellery/Cosmetic Sales, Senior Manager Sales, Produce Sales. If there is a specific location you are looking for, you should check out They have a lot listed.

What are Cosmetic Sales?

Cosmetic sales is what the Avon lady does or maybe you've seen the lady behind the makeup table at a local department store. Usually in order to apply for a cosmetic sales job, the applicant needs a high school diploma or GED, outstanding customer service and communication skills. The ability to utilize company software and the ability to buld relationships with customers is a plus. Many times this job pays by commission only.

How much does a cosmetic manager make at Shoppers Drug Mart?

A Cosmetic manager at Shoppers makes 40k-75k depending on the sales of the location. Most make over 50k

How much money does a retail sales person earn?

Hmm I think £5-6 P/H.

How much money does a sales person get paid per year?

It varies depending on what you are selling and how well you sell.

What are the functions of a sales person?

A sales person moves the transaction from "no" to "will that be cash?"

What is the spanish word for sales person?

sales person = el vendedor

What is Commission Sales Associate?

A commissioned sales associate is a person who sells stuff over the phone or in a store and gets some money from what they sell like 5% of the price.

Explain what it means to be thrifty?

Thrifty means frugal. A thrifty person looks for sales and is careful about how he or she spends money.

What is typical sales commission on kitchen cabinets?

There is no such thing as a typical sales commission on anything. This is something that has to be determined between sales person and company hiring the sales person to make sales.

How much money do optical sales associate make?


How does Bob Kraft get paid?

He makes money through the ticket sales, merchandise sales, and concession sales and he gets all that money sent directly to him

What is the role a sales representative?

The role of a sales representative is to represent the products or services that he is selling and persuade the company or person to purchase them. He is trained to close the sale and earn money for himself and the company.

What is a sales agent?

a sales agent is the person who deals with.