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How much money does a farmer make?


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$150,000 to $500,000 in Iowa


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As much as he/she produces

A farmer can make 50,000 from a one acre wheat

A rice farmer usually does not make a wage. The amount that they make depends on the size of their harvest and how much land they farm. The bigger the farm, the more they make.

Each month a successful grain farmer can earn about 452 RMB on average.

Ok a farmer that has a farm that is good and big enough will get much money. A farmer in a year i doubt they will get alot , and it depends on what they have.

Usually they make 3,000,000 cedis which converts to 3,000 dollars in U.S money.

I think it is about 20 thoundsand a year

They make bank bro... they have to work hard but then get the money raining down over them!

well 8 people a week with your mom

The Astronaut Farmer grossed $11,141,213 worldwide.

I am a farmer so I Know if I have a good crop then I get around 2.6 billion dollars.

The Astronaut Farmer grossed $11,003,643 in the domestic market.

probally about 10p more but its a lot of money to them.

The amount of money a farmer earns in a year depends on several factors: the size of the farm, what the farmer is raising, how well the crops do (if he is raising crops), etc. A farmer could actually lose money in some years if he is growing crops and they don't do well.

the average income of a farmer in the 1900's was from, 120-200 a year.

the average farmer makes 90,000 to 150,000 a year

it depends on how much they sell

what is the farmer and money-lender were alike

In the United States, the average annual income for a pig farmer is $128,000. The average annual income for a pig farmer in Arkansas is $131,000.

He/she makes as much crops as fit in his/her field.

according to about $38,348 a year(average)

once your farm is paid for about 175,000.00 a year

I Don't Know, I want someone else to answer this!

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