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Ask someone at the reference desk of your local public library for the Occupational Outlook Handbook. It lists all kinds of information you would need to know,(including the salary) of just about any occupation you can think of.

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Q: How much money does a health care administrator earn hourly?
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Who Manage the operation of a health care facility?

health care administrator

What are the task of an health administrator?

"Q: What are the task(s) of a health administrator?" "A: The specific tasks of a health care administrator vary depending on where he or she works. Generally, a Health Administrator typically researches, creates and implements the policies for which the faculty must follow. In addition to implementing policies, he or she also supervises, plans and coordinates several different health care facilities. In 2009, the average income for a health administrator was $90,000. Seems low.

What is the meaning of the acronym HCAD?

There are four HCAD acronyms so it could mean: Health Care Administrator, Hypoplastic Coronary Artery Disease, Hereford College of Art and Design or Health care Administrator Department.

What kind of job can you get with a Bachelor's degree in Health care Management?

administrator in hospitals

Where can you work with health-care studies degree?

Health Care Studies, degree, demonstrate your knowledge and skills to provide quality service in the health care industry. With this degree you can work in various health care setting. You can work as a health service manager, health care administrator, health service coordinator etc.

Who manages the operation of a health care facility?

A healthcare facility administrator manages the operation of a health care facility. The facility can range from a hospital to nursing home.

How much does a health care adminstrator earn?

The salary that a health care administrator earns varies depending on the level of experience. On average they can earn about $96,030 per year.

How much does a health care administrator get paid?

The average rate of pay for a healthcare administrator is $88,000. The minimum education requirement is a four year degree.

How much money masters in health administration?

how much money can be earned with master of health care management

What are the problems with national health care?

"The main problem with national health care is the cost. Health care requires more money than other countries, yet the quality of the care does not match."

What kind of hourly wage can a home health care provider expect to be paid?

Call the Public Housing Agency (PHA)

How is Canada's health care better than Romania's heath care?

Canada has more money for health and the Romanian people not pay attention to health.

How much money does psychologists make per hour?

The average salary for a psychologist within a health care setting ranges between $65,000 and $90,000. The hourly wage ranges between $33 and $60 per hour.

What has the author Linda Mae Cronkhite written?

Linda Mae Cronkhite has written: 'THE ROLE OF THE HOSPITAL NURSE ADMINISTRATOR IN A CHANGING HEALTH CARE ENVIRONMENT: A STUDY OF VALUES AND CONFLICTS' -- subject(s): Health Care Management Health Sciences, Health Sciences, Health Care Management, Health Sciences, Nursing, Nursing Health Sciences, Social Structure and Development Sociology, Sociology, Social Structure and Development

How does Mitt Romney feel about health care?

he does not care and feels like he dosnt have enough money and needs help raising money

How did William Roper contribute to nursing?

Since 1986 William Roper has served as administrator of the health care financing. Also from 1977 to 1983 he was the health officer for the Jefferson County Department.

What are the challenges of implementing the primary health care system in Ghana?

Money. Corruption. Money. Corruption

Reason why health is not wealth?

You can be wealthy and not be healthy. The chance for better health care is better with more money, but to have health is better than having money so you can do many things.

What is hourly rate for elder care companion?

Hourly rates for elder care specialists vary in each state and in each region in that state.

How can financial factor influence peoples behaviour in health and social care?

You could have the money, the insurance, and the health to undergo treatment for a health issue but still be influenced by a factor that would prohibit you receiving a health care service

How expensive is senior care at home?

It depends on if you're looking for live-in or hourly care. Hourly care can range from $15-$40 depending on geographical area where as live-in care can range from $150-$250 a day.

How do market forces influence health-care delivery?

The market forces influences health-care delivery through competition. This usually leads to quality health care delivery. It also gives the consumers a true value for their money.

How much does health care of an infant cost?

Health care of an infant will cost varying amounts of money. This depends on what kind of insurance the infant has, and what kind of health conditions they may need care for. For a family of 5, health care will cost around $500 a month. For a baby, it will cost $70 alone, or more.

What are the advantages of having a Pacific Care health insurance?

Unlike standard health insurance plans, Pacific Care health insurance provides health care services for a prepaid fee. They are able to save their customers money by buying medial care 'wholesale' from a limited pool of physicians, limiting unnecessary procedures.

How much money does bachelor in health care makes?

200-250k a year.