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How much money does a professional film actor earn?

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AnswerToo much.

Although actors could possibly range from 30,000 to anywhere in the millions if your talking about big time actors!

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How much money does a film director earn?

About 200,000

How does a film director help people?

because they earn money

Whose Bollywood film earn money?

ra one

How much money do actors make per film?

That completely depends on the combination between the film and the actor.

What is a commercial film?

A commercial film is produced and distributed so that it can earn money. This is as opposed to an industrial film, which is typically educational or promotional.

Who was the first film actor?

In 1895, Edison Pictures used professional actors for the first time. The film, _Execution of Mary Stuart_, was also the first film to employ special effects.

How much money does will smith earn per film?

roughly 20 million per

Which film did Paul Newman win an Academy Award for Best Actor in?

The Color Of Money

Is Santiago Munez a real professional soccer player?

No, he is a fictional character from the film Goal!. He is played by actor Kuno Becker.

Who is the actor of the film anjaanaa anjaani?

Ranbir kapoor is the actor of the film

How much would you earn if you were an extra in film or series?

If you are a Screen Actor's Guild actor, acting as an extra, there is a basic session fee, plus benefits. Depending on the shoot, you may also earn overtime and meals. Your union contract contains the specifics. If you are not a SAG actor, you may earn nothing for your contribution, or you may earn whatever the project can afford to pay you.

How much money did the film sound of music earn?

The movie grossed $158 million in the US.

For what film did Paul Newman take home the Best Actor Oscar in 1986?

The Color of Money

How much money does a actor get per movie?

well known actors can get millions for their role in a film.

How much money does a film director usually earn?

Answerit depends on how successful the movie is, but they should earn a good amount like about $35,000-$50,000-$500,000

How much money does a movie editor earn?

AnswerA Film and Video Editor earns at least $1,400 a week.

How much money does john Williams the famous film music composer earn for composing?

22,000 a year

How much money does Tom Felton earn by doing the Harry Potter films?

He earns 1.25million a film

How much money did Katrina Kaif got from film blue?

Katrina kaif did not do any of the blue film . Therefore, she did not earn any money from that. She is a very good bollywood actress who believes in hard work.

What is the name of a film made about two boys wanting to earn money for Newcastle season tickets?

purely belter

What is the duration of Professional Soldier film?

The duration of Professional Soldier - film - is 1.25 hours.

Who earns more money the actor or director of a movie?

In general, the actor of a movie will make more than the director. Also, an actor can complete several movies in the same time that it takes for a director to establish a single film.

How much money spielberg can earn for film titanic?

Steven Spielberg was not involved in "Titanic". James Cameron was the writer and director.

How much money did the fast and the furious 1 earn?

The 2001 film The Fast and the Furious grossed $207,283,925 US dollars.

Who is the best supporting actor for the film Milk?

Josh Brolin was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the film "Milk".