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How much money does a registered nurse earn in Georgia?


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Where I am from it's $20 per hour weekdays. And $25 an hour on the weekend. It's probally similar in Georgia.

First of all for whoever wrote this, "similar" is spelled this way. I guess this is in the very rural areas of Georgia. In Atlanta, a 1st year RN can make up to $65K per year.

Clearly They're not from GA at all because they stated "where i am from(pointing out that they don't live in the state listed)'s probably similar IN GA(clarifying that they knew the question was about GA but they could only give the information they had available for the state they lived in, but figured it would be pretty close in earnings)" so you need to learn how to analyze the text that is given to you before you try to correct someone could have just improved it and moved on instead of trying to insult someone and their place of residence. oh and by the way, just as well as there are ignorant people in the rural south there are the same amount in don't try to put Atlanta on a pedestal.

This site was meant for people to get professional good solid answers to their questions, not to read about someone tearing another person down for their opinion/comment. If you don't agree with someones comment you can always improve the response.

According to the US Census Bureau the estimated mean annual wage for a RN "Registered Nurse" as of May 2008 was $65,130. this would be about $31.31 an hour. Most Registered Nurses starting range is between $25-37.00 per hour.

It all depends on where you are working, and how much the company is willing to pay out. It also depends on your location bigger cities and states will pay out more than your smaller cities and states i.e. Missouri and Illinois. There are two states that don't pay RN for what they are worth. The pay range will also depend on your area of expertise because their are different level of nursing.

In my 20+ years of being a nurse I have noticed the quality of good nursing are going downhill, because so many people are in this field for only a pay check. So if you are seriously thinking about become a nurse I hope your heart and attitude is in the right place. Sincerely 12erhunt.