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  1. it all depends on what company the person is working for. Supervisors range anywhere from $65,000 and up. I know a few people who are supervisors for marketing jobs and make about 90,000. I'd say that is pretty comfortable living wages.
  2. I disagree. As a store manager for a very successful corporation, my salary is much lower than 65,000.
  3. More so in the range of 25-30 thousand yearly.
  4. But as the last post said, it really depends on what type of retail management you are considering.
  5. 25-30 thousand in my situation applies to clothing retail.
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Q: How much money does a retail store manager or supervisor earn?
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What are some positions in any retail store?

Cashier, Associate, Customer Service Department Manager, Shift Supervisor, Manager on Duty Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, District Manager

How much money do Retail Store Loss Prevention Managers make?

The average yearly income for a retail store loss prevention manager in the United States is $36,000. The average annual income for a retail store inventory manager is $48,000.

How much should a retail store manager make?

How much a retail store manager should make varies depending on where they work, hours, and experience. The average salary for a retail store manager is approximately $45,000.

What is your achievement as a retail store manager?

As a retail store manager, your achievement would be to make the retail store a success. Other achievements may include increased sales and good employees.

How much money does a retail store manager make?

not alot, look on the job centre website

What is retail store management?

The people who manager retail parks

How much does a manager of a electronics retail store earn?

A manager of an electronics retail store earns around 40,000 to 50,000 dollars a year. They can become a district manager and earns a lot more.

How much money does a store manager at walmart make?

A store manager at Walmart typically earns around 45,000 dollars a year. This is a challenging retail job and most managers work very hard.

What are the responsibilities for a district manager for a retail store?

i am confused

What qualifications does one need for retail store manager jobs?

There are several requirements to be a retail store manager some include retail experience such as cashier or customer service. Some require college experience and management experience.

What are the work roles in the McDonald indusrty?

There are many roles including; crew, crew trainer, crew supervisor, shift supervisor, shift manager, store manager, and owner.

What is the exact meaning of store supervisor?

person who manage and handle the store.....he can also be a manager or the officer in charge

Which are the highest paying retail jobs?

The highest paying retail jobs are in management. A store manager or an assistant store manager would be paid considerably more than a sales person as they have greater responsibility.

What is the average wage of a retail manager?

The average wage of a retail manager in the United States is $12 to $20 an hour depending on the store. Grocery stores tend to pay less wages for the retail manager than clothing and other stores.

What are the primary responsibilities of a retail store manager?

The primary responsibility of a retail store manager is to oversee and manage every element of the store as a business in it's own right. Although certain factors such as accounts and payroll may be held by a head office, usually, all stock ordering, internal human resourcing and merchandising is upheld by the retail store managers themselves. Invariably, the retail store manager is also responsible for staff attendance and punctuality, and all in-branch disciplinary proceedings where required.

How do you apply for a job at Winco foods in Tracy ca?

You have to into the store and ask for the Hiring Manager or Supervisor. Everything is done in store!

What qualifications are needed to become a store manager of a retail outlet?

Do be a store manager of somewere like John Lewis I think you need Grades C and apove in English language, and maths, and a degree related to business, or retail management.

What kind of jobs can you get with a bacholer's degree in business management?

probably a retail manager or asst. manager job in a small store. i got a store manager's job with just a couple college courses in business.

How much does a manager make at the retail store Champs?

A manager makes around 40,000 to 50,000 dollars a year. There is usually room for advancement into a district manager or regional manager.

How much money does a title max manager make?

Store manager $12hr

What is the average salary for a manager at a COACH retail store?

I dont know, this website is stupid

Directing of management with example?

A director of management is a person who is in charge of the lower managers for a company. An example would be a Supervisor who is above the store manager and assistant manager.

Is Movie Gallery the worst place to work for in retail?

I currently work at Movie Gallery as a store manager and make pretty good money. Way to be informed tho... gj

What are opportunities for store manager?

To Make more Money .

What does the manager at Sam's Club do?

Don't understand question. His duties would be the same as the manager of any large retail, or department store would be.

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