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How much money does a teacher earn in a year?

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A elementary teacher gets payed 25,000 a year.

How much money does a ethiopan family get a year

I think it is about £14,526.87 a year.

Am interested in knowing how much a montessori trained teacher can earn per month/in a year, and does it matter what state he/she is in?

Depends on the level of the teacher, the state/county of employment, and education. Say, a first year teacher at the middle school level in TN might earn about 31K a year.

The homophone for urn is earn. An example sentence is below.How much money does a teacher earn each year?

How much money does an electrician earn in a year in Australia

it depends on the type of teacher and how long they have been working but an average is around 1,000 dollars

the teachers make 40,000 dollars a year if that's what you mean by entry.

Depending on the district, years of service, and qualifications, a public high school teacher in California could earn anywhere from $32,000 to over $100,000 a year.

how much dose kenya earn in a year

In some parts of the country, a first year middle school teacher would earn about 65,000 dollars a year and about 15.4 dollars an hour. Salary varies by location, though.

how much money can you earn in a year if you got your bachelor degee in human services how much money can you earn in a year if you got your bachelor degee in human services

The salary of a teacher in the Bahamas will vary depending on experience and grade level taught. The average teacher salary in the Bahamas is $27,888 per year.

About 20-30,000 dollars a year if you work at a high school. About 50,000 if you work at a college

Around $45-50,000 per year starting off and depending on education

How much does p.r.n earn a year and how often do they work

they earn about 500,000 a year

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