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That is a broad statement. I am an aircraft mechanic and I have worked for 3 different places in my career so far. It totally depends on what you are doing for starters. Most places will start a mechanic with low experience out at around 12 to 16 bucks an hour depending. After you get a little experience you can contract for quick money and bring home about a 1000 bucks a week on about 60 hours. You have to plan for your own retirement in that situation as a downer. It is a good temporary start. Most contracts are 18 - 20 an hour with per dium and that is how you come out at the 1000 bucks a week. You can check to browse the different pay rates for different contracts in different places. After you get 3 - 6 years experience you should be aiming toward getting a job with one of the majors. These days FedEx, Ups, Southwest are the only decent places to work. Jet Blue is okay but not near as competitive. After a few short years at one of these and you will be at 40 bucks an hour at least and have pension/benefits/etc. to go along with it. Hopefully aviation will turn around and more opportunities will present itself but in the meantime knowledge is power. You gotta be better than the next guy as interviews become harder and harder with the massive availability of mechanics in the system now. Good Luck.... Corporate aviation is another route that has the potential to make as much or more than contracting. If you make it to a manger position at a larger corporate flight department you can likely make 100k+. Also, due to the high average age of aircraft mechanics, there is likely to be a shortage of mechanics in the future due to the baby boomers retiring.

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How much money does an mechanic earn per month?


How much money does a UPS diesel mechanic earn?

The United Parcel Service diesel mechanic is $38,000. The more time on the job, the more money they will earn.

How much money will it cost to go to aircraft mechanic school?

for free i work there

How much money does a car mechanic earn?

It depends on what kind of education he or she has

How much money does an auto mechanic earn a week?

$0.52 After expenses, that is about right.

How much money does an auto mechanic in Australia earn?

How much an auto mechanic earns in Australia depends on their experience and where they work. Experienced auto techs can earn up t0 45k per year.

How much money does an aircraft maintenance engineer earn?

85,000 if inexpirienced 150,000 if expirienced

How much does a director of aircraft maintenance earn?

you should do your job because you want to not for the money.

How much money does an aircraft and gun designer earn?

Hello, your all a piece of crap

How much money does a Ups airline mechanic earn?

depends ...what does ups stand for.. and i presume that is must be a lot

How much money does a aerospace safety mechanic make?

It depends on whether the mechanic works on jet aircraft, or non-jet aircraft. For non-jet aircraft, a mean annual salary would be around $55 000 a year, for jet aircraft, it would be more like $75 000 a year.

How much money does a marine mechanic earn in South Florida?

a good mech.will make form 18 to25

How much money does an aircraft structural repair technician earn?

I'm a french aircraft structural repairer and I earn 2000 euros a month. I work for the french state. I've been doing that for 15 years.

How much does an auto mechanic earn a month?

about $5,000

How much does a seismic airgun mechanic earn?


How much does a race mechanic earn a year?


How much does automotive mechanic earn a year in Australia. The main question is if your a good mechanic can you earn a lot?

How much an automotive mechanic earns in Australia depends on their experience and where they work. If you a good mechanic you can earn more depending on where you are working and the terms of payment agreed upon between the two parties.

How much money does a motorcycle mechanic earn in Canada?

I used to work at a dealer here in Canada your looking at the $20.00 hour range

How much does an air force aircraft mechanic make?

One dolla!!

How much money does a gas technician earn?

The average gas technician makes between $24,000 to $28,000. Those that work in the aircraft industry earn between $43,000 and $48,000.

How much money a mechanic makes a day?

Depends what the mechanic does.

How much earn a Auto mechanic per month?


How much do aircraft engineers earn in Dubai?

How much aircraft engineers earn in Dubai depends on their experience. The average annual salary for such a position is around 110,000 US dollars.

How much does a diesel mechanic earn?

I live in ohio an i am head to school for diesel mechanic an i wonder how much would i make a year??

How much money does an auto mechanic earn?

20 years ago, easy 100000 a year plus .... now, with poor parts, 90000 maybe