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How much money does it take to be a doctor?

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if i'am a doctor how much money will i make

how much do u have to pay to be a doctor

doctor make money about 879.000

a pediatric doctor? depends in what country. I am a pediatric doctor

however much you fundraise. Its not about the money, so don't expect much.

the doctor earns 500,0000 a year

a doctor will get paid 300,000 a year

i don't really know but i think they earn enough money to take good care of them self

How much are doctors in Zombabwe paid

Doctor Dolittle grossed $294,156,605 worldwide.

Doctor Zhivago grossed $111,721,000 worldwide.

The amount of a money a doctor makes in the US yearly will depend on the type of doctor. A pediatrician makes an estimated $135,000 a year.

It depends on how much money the doctor thinks you have. They will try to take everything you have plus your firstborn male child.

Don't you mean earn, not do

a average doctor makes at about 900 dollars a day

Doctor Dolittle grossed $144,156,605 in the domestic market.

Doctor Zhivago grossed $111,721,000 in the domestic market.

they make more than a doctor

Discuss this with your doctor.

A doctor typically makes much more money than a police officer.

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