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It costs around 25,00. dollars. so you want to go to that college? sweet if you have anymore questions then contact me on my bio page/message board!

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Q: How much money does one semester of college cost at liberty?
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How much does it cost to get in to UH Hilo?

Depends on where you are from, and your GPA/past college experience. If you are from Hawaii it will cost you about 1800 to attend college a semester. If you are on WEP(Western Undergraduate Exchange) it will cost you around 3600 a semester. If you are an out of state student, it will cost you 6000 a semester.

What is the average cost of a semester of college at Loyola Marymount University?

A semester comes in at about $26,000.

How much does it cost a semester to attend tifton college?


What is the cost per semester for a two year college?

Depends on the college you're going to

How much money does it cost per semester?

It depends on which school you go to

Cost of college books supplies and intuition?

Five textbooks: $450. School and lab supplies: $65. Intuition: Priceless. College tuition: In state: about $3000/semester Out of state: about $20,000/semester.

What are the college options in Washington for a transfer student?

There are several options available as an affordable choice of college in Washington. You could try Spokane Community College their cost is $2,229 per semester. Clark College is $2,600 per semester. Grays Harbor College is $2608 per semester. Those are just a few choices there are many others within the price range.

What is the cost per semester at Ellsworth Community College?

The price per semester for Ellsworth Community College depends on the number of credits, however for a full 18 credit course you will be looking at $3,060 for tuition and related fees.

How much usually costs for a person to pay for college tuition?

The costs for college tuition varies according to the college you go to. A local community college can cost five to eight thousand a semester. A large university can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands a year.

How much money does it cost to build a college?

about $14.5million

What is the cost per semester to attend a college in Ca?

It depends on the college, and whether you're paying in-state or out of state tuition. If you pick a specific college, the tuition and fees are almost always available on their website.

What is the average tuition fee for a semester at Ithaca College?

The average tuition at Ithica College is $35,278. This does not include additional fees, like that of room and board, as well as the cost of textbooks.