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How much money does the rock make with WWE?


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It is from 2 million to 3 million but sometimes depends on how good the wrestler is.

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Sorry salaries are not released to the public that is between him and WWE

It all depend on what contract they are with.

He left cuz he would make more money by acting in movies

There first year they make 300,000 and their salary grows from that.

It sometimes depends on how good they are, usually.

It ranges from 131,000 $ - 680,000 $.

Dayne the Rock Johnson make almost just a million or even more in the WWE But he make 25-30 million dollars in one movie.

Their salary will vary widely depending upon who they are. Many of the top WWE stars make close to $2,000,000 per year.

The WWE Superstars/Divas do not discuss the contracts with the company this is standard policy in most companies.

No. He was only in WWE to make money.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Because the rock left wwe to go on to movies and make money - EGOTISTICAL JERK!

yes the rock did make his return in the wwe on raw to be the guest host of wrestlemania 27 todays rock in the company seems to be john cena

it is not about money it is about working your butt off and maybe getting noticed by a WWE scout

You don't pay to get into WWE! If you don't have a contract you won't be in WWE

probably around 400,000 dollars a year but that's a guess

They are a profitable company but do not have the money and resources that wwe has

The Rock left WWE in 2004

The Rock made his WWF debut as Rocky Maivia in 1996

It depends on how popular they are.

depends on the contract

how much muny does wwe night of champions 2009 cost?

alot but WWE makes alot more money TNA superstars make about in the millons

Not enough for everything he has gone through - I mean, how many injuries has this man had?

The Rock did wrestle in WWE but in 2004 he retired from WWE. The Rock is set to be a future guest host on Monday Night RAW

WWE Superstars and Divas do not discuss their salary with the public

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