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Q: How much money in pennies will a half gallon milk jug hold?
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How many gallon jugs would it take to hold a million pennies?

I usually use 25,000.

How much water can a huggies diaper hold?

Half a gallon

How much water can huggies diapers hold?

Half a gallon

How much pennies dollar wise does a gallon jug hold?

50.00 give or take 2-3 dollars. How do I know? I had a penny drive in my classroom a few years ago and used a gallon jug for the pennies. When I took them to the bank that is just what was counted out.

How much money in quarters can a gallon jug hold?

Too many...

Which will hold more juice half gallon or 2 quarts?

same amount 1 gallon = 4 quarts 1 quart = 0.25 gallon

How much money will a 5 gallon water jug hold in quarters?

about $95.000

How many pennies can a paper bridge hold?

35 pennies

How many ounces equals three half gallons?

Three half-gallon containers together hold 192 fluid ounces.

How much space do you need to collect one million pennies?

The volume of one million pennies is about the same as a refrigerator (see related links below).One million pennies weighs about 6,000 pounds.You can fit about 3,000 pennies in a 2-liter bottle. It would weight about 15 pounds, and it would be valued at $30.00. You would need 333 bottles to hold 1 million pennies.You can fit about 6,000 pennies in a 1-gallonmilk jug. It would weight about 30 pounds, and it would be valued at $60.00. You would need 167 gallon jugs to hold 1 million pennies.You can fit about 30,000 pennies in a 5-gallon bucket. It would weight about 150 pounds, and it would be valued at $300.00. (The bank might only take back about $100 per week, see related link below.) You would need 33 5-gallon buckets to hold 1 million pennies.

How many pennies can a wet paper towel hold?

30 pennies

How much pennies can a foil boat hold?

it can hold 50 pennies depending on the base of the boat and also depenidng on the sides now if you have a 20 by 20 then may be a 100 or 150 pennies it may hold

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