How much money was there in the Great Depression?

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There was plenty of money around, however the ordinary people were restricted in earning it, and those who had it hung on to it and their property.
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What was the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was a worldwide economic downturn starting inmost places in 1929 and ending at different times in the 1930s orearly 1940s for different countries. It was the largest and mostimportant economic depression in the 20th century, and is used inthe 21st century as an example of how fa ( Full Answer )

When was the Great Depression?

The Great Depression It began in the wake of the stock market crash of October 1929 andlasted until at least 1933. The end varied somewhat from country tocountry, and there is some disagreement as to when it ended in theUS. Programs to address the Depression began in earnest in 1933 afterthe electi ( Full Answer )

Where was the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was a worldwide event, although manyeconomists (but definitely not all) say that the stock market crashin the United States began it.

Where did all the money go during the Great Depression?

During the roaring twenties several loans were handed out to farmers who could never pay them back. The farmers could never pay the money back due to over-production, management costs and droughts. This resulted in banks taking money from people's savings and using it on the farmers. When the stock ( Full Answer )

How did people make money during the Great Depression?

During the Great Depression, my grandfather was a small town sheriff. When many were out of work, he had a job. The same is true for teachers. When he had the cash, others did not. So he bought up a music store, a well drilling business, and several apartments which were foreclosed. Having the cash ( Full Answer )

What did the Great Depression do?

the great deppresion was where all economics were destroyed as all the crops and farming's were destroyed with drought :D im smarticle

Was the Great Depression during the Depression?

That's why it is called "the depression," because it was the biggest time of great financial hardship in the recent past. "The Great Depression" and "The Depression" are the same thing. Although, some people talk about us entering "a depression" sometimes, and they are talking about the economy now, ( Full Answer )

How did the Great Depression?

The stock market crash in 1929 started the Great Depression, wipingout people's investments along with the failure of the bankingsystem. It ended at the beginning of World War 2, when largeamounts of money were needed to finance the war.

Why did people lose their money during the Great Depression?

people lost their jobs because of stock market crash. everyone bought stocks before but after the great depression the stocks crashed and people lost all of their interst. many had bought so many stocks that all of their savings were gone as well.

How much did milk cost during Great Depression?

A quart of milk during the Great Depression cost around 14 cents.During this time the government did issue cardboard chips thatcould be redeemed for things like bread or milk. Some people usedpowdered milk to save money.

What and when was the Great Depression?

Causes of the Great Depression in the United States: . The stock market crash, structural weakness of the economy, overproduction, maldistribution of wealth and an international crisis contributed to the Great Depression in the United States.. Hoovers Response: . Hoover was interested in wor ( Full Answer )

Are you In A Great Depression?

I think that we are aproaching a great depression. Over 25% of the population has been laid off or lost their jobs. Our economy is getting at its worst it's been since 1941.

What did people do for money during the great depression.?

Sold their possessions to get a little money and moved to other towns or states in desperate search of work. The movie Grapes of Wrath chronicles typical family struggles. They did anything they could to make money. Picking fruit and cotton was common. Most didn't even make enough to eat.

Was the great depression really depressing?

For most people, it was. But the term "depression" describes an economic condition, not an emotional one. Any "depression" is a strong decrease in the amount of economic activity in a country or region, leading to lower production, lower employment, and lower capital investment. On a chart of such a ( Full Answer )

Why was the great depression so depressing?

It may have been emotionally depressing, as people lost jobs, homes, or property. But the term "depression" actually refers to the downturn in the level of the economy.

Why were farmers hurt so much before and after the Great Depression?

They were hurt after the great depression because almost or mabea even all of their crops had dried out an died and befor i don't know im not that old so im not sure but i do know why they were hurt after it because we learened it in history

Why did you have a Great Depression?

because after WW1, Germany was paying for all of the war debt.. we were partying in a time called the roaring 20's.... people were putting money in stocks.. which was fine until they paid for stocks with credit.( almost like a credit card) they paid for stocks with money that they didn't have.. the ( Full Answer )

How much did a migrant worker make during the great depression?

George Creel, an ambitious federal relief official, forced migrantworks to accept a wage compromise. Migrant workers were offered$0.75 per hundred pounds of picked crops, which was 25 percent morethan what growers were offering and less than the one dollar thatstrikers demanded.

How much money can you get for being depressed?

If you are so severely depressed that you are unable to work, you may qualify for disability payments, but that depends upon many things. This is too complex an issue to resolve on

How much did a winter coat cost during the great depression?

That would depend upon the type of coat and whether it was an everyday article of clothing or something worn for special occasions. Women's dresses were $5/$8 and men's suits were about $30. A coat would cost from $5/45, depending upon year and style.

What were the people of the Great Depression depressed about?

Great depression is a time when there was an economic depression i.e. lack of demand(just like the recession we've just experienced). So people were depressed about losing their job, their houses, and all that kind of stuff. No seriously, it wasn't a social phenomena, it was an economical event th ( Full Answer )

How much did gas cost in the Great Depression?

Gas during the 1930s averaged 10-18 cents a gallon in the United States. But I would imagine people took public transportation, or didn't travel at all.

Why do they have the Great Depression?

No One Actually Tried To Have One It Was When Every One Saw That They Where Spending To Much For Stupid Things And The Stock Market Crashed Because of It And It Led Into What They Call The Great Depression

Was the Great Depression depressing?

yes, but that's not what its all about. the great depression was a time when marketing was low and many people couldn't afford anything...... they almost all lost their jobs. started in1929

Was the Great Depression a global depression?

it began in the U.S. but after Hoover enacted the Hawley- Smoot tariff in 1929 the flow of cash from the u.s. to Europe thus creating a global depression.

How much money did Al Capone make during the great depression?

$100 dollor a min at his peak. Seen a documentary on him thts wot thy say. Rembr he had it all locked off prohibition times wer gud for him an he didnt have much competition. U see why who control alcohol now. THE GOVERNMENT. da more u drink da more tax thy get. THY WNT DA HOLE WORLD PISSD AN NOT TO ( Full Answer )

Did rich people lose all there money during the great depression?

The price of stock for the Union Cigar Company collapsed from $113.50 to $4 in just one day following the Crash of the Stock Market in 1929. The President of the company jumped to his death from a hotel room. That incident helped fuel a legend that the rich were shouting "Ruined!'" as they leaped ( Full Answer )

How much money is it to get into great valley academy?

Are you asking about Great Valley Academy (GVA) the school? The cost is zero. It is a Public Charter School. Uniforms are required, and quidelines not usually set into place via traditional schools are followed.

What happened to the value of money during the Great Depression?

The value of money increased during the Great Depression due to deflation. However, most individuals end up having less money than the value of the money increased, giving a net negative effect of personal income and wealth.

What is the answer to the Great Depression?

The great depression is when the stock market crashed in the states. People lost their jobs, money lost its value, fear, stress, lack of hope, and only the rich could manage the depression and even then people struggled, there were beggars everywhere, people lived on the streets, Many people starv ( Full Answer )

How much money did the kids get paid during the Great Depression?

Little kids like newspaper boys got paid 2 cents a day for selling12 newspapers, literally 2 cents for selling 12 newspapers. Thatreally did not help their family out a lot. We all know some peopledidn't get paid at all. Some factories didn't have enough money topay people.