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Where did all the money go during the Great Depression?


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During the roaring twenties several loans were handed out to farmers who could never pay them back. The farmers could never pay the money back due to over-production, management costs and droughts. This resulted in banks taking money from people's savings and using it on the farmers. When the stock marketcrashed and people wanted their money it wasn't there due to the loans. The banks were forced to shut down and everyone lost their money.


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There was no insurance. That's why their depositors lost all their money. This was the motivation for the establishment of the FDIC.

It was difficult to find a job during the Great Depression. Many businesses closed, or have to reduce operations. About 1 in 4 people had no job. Not easy at all.

all the people didnt have money they were selling their own items for money so they could get food they rarely got food

Everyone wanted money so the bank loaned all of its money and the bank could not give money back to those who deposited it

the people who lost all their money

well see there was not very many deaths in the great depression but in count there was 89 all together

Banks did not have enough money to pay all withdrawing depositors, so they shut down.

all immigration was stopped during the economic crisis

Not very people at all jumped off of skyscrapers during the Great Depression. Building new skyscrapers were put on hold after the Great Depression but no because people were jumping off of them.

During the Great Depression in the USA, all types of business failures were commonplace. As banks failed, so did there business clients. Overall every industry was was adversely affected by that depression.

i think it was awful of all the things i read

The Great Depression was a time starting around 1929 and lasting as long as the 1930's and into 1940 in some countries. It was a time when the economy crashed and everyone was horribly poor. Here are some sentences that are true.The banker was so upset when he lost all his money in the Great Depression that he killed himself.During the Great Depression, many people could not find any jobs at all.The Great Depression has left lasting scars that still affect people.

They commit suicide after realizing that their money is all gone!

they really couldn't do much during the great depression because they were all being held hostage by Michael Jackson's ancestors!

The family life during the Great Depression wasn't all that close and when we say that we mean that they werent always together and when a family member died during the Great Depression they had to keep on walking and leave their dead bodies behind.

No war at all. he was the president during the Great depression.

There was food during the Great Depression. Distribution systems were impaired or broken and many people had much less money than before and so found it hard to afford to buy all the food they needed as well as pay for necessary clothing, housing, etc.

they lost most all of their money they couldn't buy food and and couldn't grow anything because the dustbowl was at the same time as the great dpression

The Great Depression affected all the Americans.

unemployment, lose of money=stock market ,and no food

people lost their jobs because of stock market crash. everyone bought stocks before but after the great depression the stocks crashed and people lost all of their interst. many had bought so many stocks that all of their savings were gone as well.

This was done by borrowing and printing money, and hiring people to do all sorts of public works projects. Roads, bridges, parks, and all sorts of other things were built. This did not end the Depression, though. WW2 ended the Depression.

Yes it did many people lost all their money cause they saved it in banks

Suicide, nobody wanted to live then People were poor losing all there money. So they took the easy way out

Almost all of the nations all around the world were hit by the Great Depression although the name "Great Depression" usually refers to the USA.

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