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Gamestop will give you about $15 when you give them a playstation 2

It depend if it is gamestop they will give 30 % of regular price

nothing if you don't give them something

The amount of money that GameStop will give you depends on 2 things, what type of condition of the DSI is in, and the store that you are in

Not enough. You will get more money for you items if you sell to anywhere EXCEPT Gamestop.

How much will game stop give my for s daily

£10 because its old and boring

They wont, and if they do you may get $2.50.

I Called GameStop and I was pissed when I found out theyll only give me twenty bucks I bought it for 150 its ridiculous

It matters what game, but usually 2-5 dollars. Gamestop is a waste of your time.

It depends on what game it is and what system it is for.

If you trade it with GameStop, they may offer you approximately 5 dollars for it. Correction: They might give $7 - $10 for it...

None!! If I sold my COD Black ops game at Gamestop, i would not give you any money!

it depends on the type of game it is and how much it is worth.some stories only give you store instead of money

There is no PS4 so they would not purchase a fake console

$30-$50 Dont waste your time inn GAMESTOP instead sell in a local pawn shop.

Always depends on the game title and current inventory

50 dollars to sell or to trade with a game .... get a 50 $ game

around $19 - $35 it depends on what game system you have for the game. :)

It depends on the game and how old it is. they will most likely give you store cridet instead of money

The xbox will sell for 49.99 at gamestop.