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How much money would it cost to drive 5000 miles if my car gets 5 miles to the gallon?


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If gas were $2.50 per gallon it would be $2,500. I'd get a more efficient car!

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If you drive 480 miles, and you get 15 miles per gallon, this equals 32. If each gallon is $3.75 per gallon, times 32, this would equal $120 in gas money.

To figure this out, you would also have to know how many miles you drive with one gallon.

who much money would I need to drive 750 mile on a 25 mile to the gallon and gas prices are 1.98 a gallon

You missed out two vital pieces of information... How many miles per gallon the vehicle does - and the price of a gallon of fuel !

You would use 7.96 gallons, so that would cost 19.91 to drive.

It depends on the price of gas. If gas costs $5/gallon, it would cost about $835.00 to go 5000 miles when your car get 30 miles to the gallon. If gas costs $3/gallon, it would cost about $500. cost = 5000/30 * cost-of-gas

(835 miles) x (1 gallon/20 miles) x (3.75 bux/gallon) = $ 156.56

It depends on how much a gallon of gasoline costs you. If you pay $2.75 per gallon, the 2,500 mile trip would cost about $491.07 at 14 mpg.

(531 miles) x (1 gallon/18 miles) x (3.45 dollar/gallon) = $101.78 for gasalone

(1,100 miles) x (1 gallon/28 miles) x ($4/gallon) = $157.143 (rounded)

It would cost($3.50) x (1,200) / (miles your car covers per gallon).

480 miles @ 20 miles per gallon = 24 gallons needed 24 gallons @ $3.75 per gallon = $90

Depends on your miles per gallon. For example, if you had 12 miles per gallon: 1. Get a new car 2. You would be able to drive 12*12 miles = 144 miles.

1000 miles / 10 miles/gallon = 100 gallons * 4 $/gallon = $400

(1,215 miles) x (gallon/35 miles) x (4.00 $/gallon) = $138.86 (rounded)

(2,224 miles) x (1 gallon / 20 miles) x (4.00 / gallon) = 444.80

The answer depends on the efficiency of the vehicle in miles per gallon, as well as the price of gasoline. An average automobile goes 20 miles on a gallon of gas. Divide distance by efficiency (1000 miles divided by 20 miles per gallon results in 50 gallons.) If gas costs $3 per gallon, then the fuel used by this car to travel 1000 miles would cost $150 and you would need to fill up twice. If you drive a hybrid at 33 miles per gallon, the cost would be $90 (one tank of gas used). If you drive a truck or SUV at 10 miles per gallon, the cost would be $300 with four fill-ups.

What is your estimated Miles per gallon? MPGGallons1081.001267.501457.861650.631845.002040.502236.822433.752631.152828.933027.003225.313423.823622.503821.324020.254219.294418.414617.614816.885016.20

Idk depends but u would use 40 gallons (multiply that by gas prices in your area)

That depends on the gas mileage your car gets and the cost of gas. If you get 20 miles per gallon at $4 a gallon, then cost is 1600/20 times 4 = $320

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