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20.16 cubic meters

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Q: How much more water is needed to finish filling the swimming poolFred's parents recently built a rectangular swimming pool that measures 7 meters long 4 meters wide and 3 meters deep. If the pool?
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What is the perimeter of a rectangular swimming pool that measures 12 feet by 22 feet?

It is: 12+22+12+22 = 68 feet

Precautionary measures in swimming?


Find the perimeter of a rectangular swimming pool that measures 12 feet by 22 feet?

to get the perimeter you take 12 x 2 and 22 x 2 get those numbers then add them and you have your perimeter

What type of prism is a swimming pool?

Most pools are a rectangular prism

What is a lap in a rectangular pool?

A rectangular pool shape is longer than it is wide. A lap would be comprised of swimming the length of the pool.

How do swimming pools work?

They are big rectangular pits. They are then filled with water. People swim in them.

Sport which women were recently allowed to participate?

Rowing, Swimming I think

The area of a swimming pool is 13300 sq ft what is the length x width?

There could be many answers, depending on the shape of the pool (square vs. rectangular). it is rectangular

Plumbing drawing in overflow system swimming pool?

I need an assistance for the piping system for 4.5x9.0 m rectangular overflow swimming pool and balancing tank.

What instrument measures the temperature of a swimming pool?

The anwser to this QuestionWe would use a termometre to measure , the temperature of a swimming pool .A thermometer.

The width of a rectangular swimming pool is 72 feet If the perimeter is 320 feet what is the area of the pool?


How many square meters are there in the sides and bottom of a rectangular swimming pool that measures 50m by 30m and is 3 m deep?

A swimming pool that measures 50m by 30m has a perimeter of 160 meters. With sides an average of 3m deep, the total area of all four sides is 480 square meters. The bottom has an area od 1500 square meters (50 x 30), giving a total area of 1980 square meters (480 + 1500).

A rectangular yard is 52 meters by 46 meters If a rectangular swimming pool 9 meters by 5 meters is put in the yard how much yard area is left?

2347 meters

Who is Famous person won a swimming race recently?

Chloe Sutton recently won the Grand Prix for the high point by almost double.

What is a sport swimming pool?

Usually they mean a 50m or 25m pool which is rectangular and has a shallow and deep end with diving availability:)

How can you know the volume of water in a swimming pool with rectangular shape?

L x W x avg. depth x 7.48

What volume would you use to measure a swimming pool?

You would do BH because it is a rectangular prism just below level ground

Has libby trickett retired?

She retired at age 24. However, as of recently, she has announced her plans to return to swimming.

What is the volume of water in a rectangular swimming pool that is 18m long and 10m wide and has an average depth of 2.5m. give your answer in cubic meters?


Is it safe to go swimming when you've recently had a c-section?

Depends on what your doctor tells you and on how fast the incisions are healing

What are the safety measures in swimming?

There are many. I will name a few. Know your limits, have a lifeguard, have a safe swim area, buddy system.

How do you draw a park with 25 square feet and a round sandbox with a one inch diameter and a rectangular swimming pool that has a perimeter of 6 inches?


What are the different precautionary measures to take before swimming?

Not to eat beforehand to avoid cramps, not to swim when the water is too cold & never by yourself. Read what Snopes says about eating and swimming at the link below.

What are the precautionary measures you should take while swimming?

Swimming precautions that should be taken when your going swimming include the buddy system, never swim alone. Also, you want to pay close attention and not rough house which could cause problems if it gets out of hand.

Precautionary measures in physical education?

don`t swim if your stomach is fulldon`t bring sharp object in swimming pool