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How much of japan got covered in water in the tsunami?


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Around 21%

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The water was most likely black because it was carrying a lot of sediment. Much of the rock in Japan is basalt, which is usually black.

why is 3/4 of japan covered with mountains

Because it was a big tsunami Yes it was a big tsunami, but it was originally the earthquake that done the damage. Because of the 8.9/9.0 earthquake, the tsunami was created and destroyed Japan.

There was little to no warning about the coming of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 2011.

it depends on the amount of friction on tectonic plates and how much force it takes them to flick back which whips up sea water and causes a big wave (tsunami)

Thailand was much bigger, and worse. It caused more damage. Indonesia needed more help to repair everything after the tsunami, as Japan was richer, and Japan didn't want any help.

Earth is covered with 70% water

In Japan, there is a lot of earthquakes. Therefore, most homes in Japan were built to withstand earthquakes. However, they were not made for tsunamis. When the tsunami arrived, everything it its path got destroyed. That is why it caused so much destruction to Japan.

The tsunami that happen in Japan all the wind and water went to Chile causing and Earthquake from so much pressure.

The last Tsunami in Washington was on March 10, 2011. The tsunami originated of the coast of Japan. While there was not much coastal flooding, some boats and docks were damaged.

70% percent of the world is covered by water

71% of the earth is covered by water

If 0 is good and 10 is bad, then according to me its 7.5 to 8, because of the tsunami , the market in japan was gone, and that too so much of the development has come down to 50 % .

Approximately 75% of the Earth's surface is covered by water.

About 70.8-71.13% of the Earth is covered by water.

Canada is covered by over 3,000,000 litres of water.

I really do not know and I guessed on the answers.

Japan was very close to the epicenter of the earthquake; many of their buildings were damaged by the earthquake itself. Parts of the coast line were depressed and indented. Japan is an island nation, and much of the country is at or below sea level anyway. Because of this, the tsunami was able flood farther inland and because of the land features that were altered by the earthquake, the water did not recede.

70% of the Earth is covered by water. Most of the water is salt water.

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