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The Marshall Plan involved providing grants to Europe, that were not loans. The funds were paid directly to the European nations under the plan, and for the most part, the money was spent in the United States, creating both jobs as well as export economic gain for the country.

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Q: How much of the Marshall Plan debt was repaid and by which countries?
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When was the Marshall Plan debt repaid by Britain?

Last payment December 2006

What did Germany's Marshall Plan do?

The Marshall Plan was actually a United States assistance package, not a German one. The U.S. government basically offered loans to countries damaged if not decimated by World War II so that they could rebuild into stable capitalist/democratic countries. The Marshall Plan was motivated in part by a desire to keep Communism at bay in Europe. It also helped American companies since the Marshall Plan money given to European governments was spent on American products, largely. The only country that actually repaid all of its Marshall Plan debt in full was Finland.

What European countries repaid World War 2 debt to US?

turkey india ukraine germany

What are the release dates for The Debt Repaid - 1910?

The Debt Repaid - 1910 was released on: USA: 5 May 1910

Has France repaid their World War 2 debt to the US?

The UK repaid their World War 2 in full by the 1990's and I believe the French paid the debt back in full too too but before the UK was able to. Some of the debt was forgiven by the US and United Nations under the Marshall plan. Some of the debt was forgive because the allied forces did do some damage in France. The US and United Nations did provide money for the repairs via gifts and loans. If you need the exact amount and date of payment in full try searching the National Archives website or read up on the Marshall plan on this site under references in the Military Companion book. I ran out of time to keep researching.

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When did Britain pay off Marshall plan debt to US?

I read somewhere it was in the 1990s but I can't find my source now. It was 2006 2006 the lend lease programme ended 2010 monies under the marshall Plan ended

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yes all

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What was the only country to repay its World War 1 war debt to the US?

Finland repaid its war debt to the US.

What European country repaid their World War 1 debt back to the US?

The only European Country that repaid the United States in full was Finland.

Was the WW II debt ever repaid for World War 2 to bond holders?


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