Deforestation and Habitat Loss

How much of the world is taken up by rainforests?

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Around 3-6% of the world is taken up by the rainforests, all of them around the equator. But, amazingly, rainforests hold half the population of all the animals in the world!

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How much of earths surface is covered by rainforests?

40% of the world's surface is made up of rainforests.

How much of the ocean takes up the world?

about 70 present of the world is taken up by the ocean.

Is Madagascar full of jungles mountains or rivers?

yes it is all taken up by rainforests and jungles that hold animals

Why do we need the rainforests?

we need the rainforest because the rainforest is greenary and most of the world is made up of vegetaion.

How much of Brazil is taken up by the Amazon rainforest?

20% of Brazil is taken up by the amazon

How many rainforests are the in the world?

There are about 5 to 6 big and massive Rainforests left in the world and the bigest one is the Amazon which is located around the area of southern America. I sound very grown up right but I'm only 13 yers old

How much space is taken up by an object?

That depends on the object.

How many rainforests are in the whole world?

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What is the smallest mammal in the rainforest?

the smallest mammal in the amazon and smallest monkey in the world is the pygmy marmoset.look up Rainforests by Nathaniel tortorella Silva on prezi the 8th line from the bottom of the transcript. hoped this helped :) or u can lookupprezi.com/nt3io4cbzzij/rainforests/

How much space does plastic take up in landfills?

On average, 16% of the space in landfills is taken up by plastic.

what is up world?

nothing much. how about you?

What is the difference between aerial and satellite photographs?

Aerial means it was taken from a plane. Satellite photos were obviously taken much higher up.

How can kids help protect rainforests?

If deforestation continues at the current rate, there could be a time when rainforests around the world disappear. It is up to all of us to act responsibly. You can help protect ecosystems and the people and wildlife that depend on them by holding an Adopt-A-Rainforest fundraiser and buying responsibly produced foods, wood and paper products. Most importantly, keep learning about rainforests and teach your friends and family how important they are.

What plant has leaves that grow when it rains?

Most plants in tropical rainforests. Look it up.

What occurs in the living part of the water cycle?

much water is taken up by the roots of plants

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It could sometimes be caused if you have to much of the computers memory taken up.

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