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Depends on how worn the engine is. An engine in good condition won't hardly use any oil at all, maybe a cup or so, while there's virtually no limit to how much oil a worn engine can consume.

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Q: How much oil does a car use a year?
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How much oil does McDonald's use in a year?

as much oil as kev puts in his currys

How much petrol does a car use in a year?

a lot

Which tool can you use to measure how much oil to add to a car engine?

The engine dipstick is the only tool you can use to measure how much oil is in the engine.

How many quarts of oil to use for an oil change?

The amount of oil differs between year, make, motor and model of car.

what is a good engine oil to use in my car?

what is a good engine oil to use in my car

Can I use w5 20 for Honda car?

Allways use the recomended oil in your car. Depending on year and model (not provided) 5W20 MAY be correct.

How much oil does an xr100r take?

one quart 10w40 four stroke motorcycle oil. do not use car or truck oil. 10w40 4 stroke oil is car & truck oil which are also 4 stroke engines. You can use the very same oil you use in your car and truck as long as you use the correct weight which is 10w30 and not 10w40. There is no difference in so-called motorcycle oil and car or truck oil. I do however highly recommend you use full synthetic oil in any air cooled engine.

How much oil does a 1987 Honda xr100r hold?

one quart of four stroke motorcycle oil. I use 10w 40. do not use car or truck oil!

What type oil does 2009 Club Car use?

10w30 Conventional is the standard for that year and make.

Can I use 5w30 oil in a fiat punto?

It would depend on the year of the car and engine type.

How much oil does America use on average in a year?

145 trillon gallons oil a year and distroys almost half of cuba a year....tittes

What kind of oil do you use in a car?

Depends on the make, model, engine, and year. Listed in your owners manual and sometimes on the oil fill cap.

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