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about 4 quarts its best to fill it while you check the level every 12 oz / 250 ml

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How many quarts of oil does a 03 kia spectra manual transmission hold?

about 4 Q's best to check every 12 oz / 250ml

What car has a manual transmission and can hold 7 passengers?

Depends on which country you are in. In the UK, an example of a 7-seater with manual transmission would be a Ford Galaxy.

How do you get a manual transmission out of gear without the shifter attached?

hold in the clutch

How many gallons of gas does a 2004 Kia Spectra hold?

The 2004 Kia Spectra Sedan has a fuel tank capacity of 13.2 gallons. This car comes with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

How much oil does a 1993 Honda civic manual transmission hold?


How much fluid does a AODE Transmission hold?

find a service manual or look it up in the car manual located in the dash!

How many quarts of fluid does a 1991 ford probe manual transmission hold?


How many quarts does a 95 s-10 manual transmission hold?

About 3

How much fluid does a 2002 Saturn sc2 manual transmission hold?

2.5 Quarts

How many quarts does a 1989 corvette manual transmission hold?

A person must maintain the fluid levels of a vehicle to keep it running well. The 1989 Corvette Manual transmission holds 3 quarts of transmission fluid.

How many qts of transmission fluid does QR25DE transmission hold on a 2002 Nissan Altima?

9.72 qts per service manual

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 2003 Hyundai accent hold?


How much transmission fluid does a 1994 Ford Aerostar AWD hold?

A 1994 Ford Aerostar manual transmission will hold 1.2 liters of API GL-5 SAE 80W90 transmission oil. An automatic will hold 10 quarts if the lines are completely flushed.

How many quarts of fluid does a 1995 Ford five speed manual transmission hold?

The 1996 F150 owners manual shows for the 5 - speed overdrive manual transmission ( Mazda R2 ) - 3.8 U.S. quarts ( 3.6 liters )

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 2003 mercades CLK 500 hold?

.Take it to Trans shop! this would probaly the best for you! does it have a new torque converter? or just replacing the filter? Try reading the service manual,and looking at the level indicator for the transmission

How much fluid does a manual transmission on a 97 Ford Ranger hold?

I was looking at the 1997 Ford Ranger owners manual at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides The owners manual shows ( 5.6 pints / 2.65 liters ) for the manual transmission

How much oil do you put in a manual transmission on a 2.2 liter Gmc Sonoma?

The GMC Sonoma 2.2 litre manual transmission hold 12 quarts of transmission gear oil. Keep in mind there is a big difference between gear oil and automatic transmission fluid.

How much fluid does cvt transmission take in a 2003 Saturn vue hold?


How much transmission fluid does a 2003 dodge neon hold?

Just had to fill my Transmission after blowing a line it took 5 Quarts

Do a manual transmission and a automatic transmission hold the same amount of fluid?

nope M/T 4 qts 90W A/T 10 qts ATF

How much oil does the manual trans in a 1996 Ford Ranger hold?

In a 1996 Ford Ranger : The 5 speed manual transmission takes ( 2.65 litres / 2.8 U.S. quarts of MERCON automatic transmission fluid )

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 2000hyandai elantra hold?

Automatic:8.2 qts Manual:2.3 qts

How much fluid does the 111H John Deere hydrostatic transmission hold?

2.25 qts per JD manual.

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a mercury villager hold?

Check the owners manual or visit a shop/dealership.

How much transmission fluid does a 1998 f-250 hold?

For the automatic transmission including the torque converter the capacity is 17.7 quarts, for the manual five speed 3.4 quarts, and the manual six speed 5.8 quarts.

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