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1993 Honda Del Sol VTEC holds 3.3 liters or 3.487 US quarts of oil

with filter replacement..

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โˆ™ 2011-05-26 18:47:29
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Q: How much oil in enginge Honda Del Sol 1993?
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How do i replace 1994 Honda Del Sol oxygen sensor?

How is the wire of o2 sensors in a honda del sol 1993?

How do you replace the antenna on a 1993 Honda Del Sol?

you take it out

How do you change a belt on a 1993 Honda Del Sol?

depends, what kind of belt?

Where can you find Inglo's for a 1993 Honda Del Sol?

Simply go to the web site ( They are reverse inglos. they should be $39.99 USD. Here is a picture. Fits 1993-1997 Honda Del Sol.

How much does a door cost on a Honda Del Sol?

1500 from Honda without mirror

What model is a Honda vin JHMEG1142PS000216?

Vehicle VIN JHMEG1142PS000216 is a 1993 Honda Civic /CR-X del Sol 1.5L

What size is the gas tank in a 1993 Honda del sol?

11.9 gallons total capacity.

What is the Top speed of a 1993 Honda civic del sol?

Mine is stock and it's locked to 200 km/h or 120 mph. I tried but can't go any faster. Honda Del Sol 1993 Si ( Engine: D16z6 )

Where is a thermostat on a 1997 Honda Del Sol?

Where is the thermostat on a 1997 Honda Del Sol

How much ATF does the 1993 Honda Del Sol take?

It can take about 2 quarts of ATF in a Honda Del Sol. It all depends how much ATF it had to start with.According to the service manual:Automatic transmission = 2.9 quarts This is just what you will get out by draining the pan. For a complete flush I recommend you have this done by your Honda dealer or a reputable independent.Also, make sure to use only Genuine Honda fluids for the transmission. Honda transmissions are very finicky when it comes to fluid (the automatics especially).

What happened to the Honda Del Sol?

Honda said no more. the del sol replaced the crx which was a great little car. the problem with a del sol from a performance stand point is it is overweight. that is besides the point though. Honda got rid of the del sol. they probably were not selling enough. In the U.S., Honda sold 25,000 del Sol's in the first year (1993), but only 5,603 in the last year (1997). ( )

Where is a 1993 Honda Del Sol coolant temperature sensor?

It rite by the thermostat it has a black wire to it rite below the distributor

How do you get in a 1993 Honda Del Sol without a key?

it's very easy, just smash the glass and jump in. that's it

What is the little switch in the center console of a 1993 Honda Del Sol?

I know that on a 1994 Honda del sol the switch is wired to the fan relay, so anytime you felt the car was running to hot, you had to engage the fan. hope it helps.

What is the newest model of the Honda del sol?

1997 was the last year for the Honda Del Sol DSR.

Are rim from Honda Del Sol the same as the Honda civic?

the Honda del sol is a civic so they do have the same lug pattern and offset

How many 1997 Honda Del Sol's were produced?

Honda Del Sol's sold in the US in 1997 1997 = 5,603 Del Sol's were sold.

When was Honda CR-X del Sol created?

Honda CR-X del Sol was created in 1992.

Where is the trunk release located inside a 1993 Honda Del Sol?

I've had my 93 del sol for three years now and i still dont know so I dont think there is one.

Problems with the 1993 Honda del sol?

one problem is noisy targa top, creaks and rattles. there's a fix for it, but I haven't tried it.

Honda del sol?

Honda del Sol. A replacement to the Honda CRX. Built on the civic platform from 93-97, it was Honda's only 2 seater "semi-convertible' at the time.

Honda Del Sol 0-60 Time?

1993-1995 Del Sol S = 9.2 seconds 1995-1997 Del Sol S = 8.7 seconds 1993-1995 Del Sol Si = 8.2 seconds 1995-1997 Del Sol Si = 8.3 seconds 1994-1997 Del Sol DOHC VTEC = 7 seconds 1995-1997 Del Sol SiR (Japan only) = 6.7 seconds

How do you wire a after market radio into your 1993 Honda Del Sol?

The easiest way is to buy a wiring harness. Then you don't have to worry about touching the wrong wires.

What hood will fit on a Honda del sol?

only Honda del sol hoods, everything else is different and wont fit.

Who was the Copa del Rey winner in 1993?

Real Madrid was the winner of the Copa del Rey in 1993.