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Honda Civic DX

The DX is a rebadged sixth-generation model of Honda Civic, manufactured from 1996 to 2000. Then available as a coupe, hatchback or sedan, its features included an AM/FM radio and tilt steering.

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Where is the pcv valve on 1998 Civic DX?

I have never worked on a 1998 Civic but I have worked on a lot of Hondas. I have worked on 88,90,91,92,93 and a 95 Civics. the pcv are right under intakes. ...
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How much money do you get if your car is totaled?

You will receive the fair market value for your vehicle. An insurance company is only required to compensate you at the fair market value. This may be more or less than is still owed on a vehicle if it is still under a finance note The amount still owed on any finance note has no bearing on the current market value of your vehicle. More comments: The easiest way for a layman to determine the fair market value is simply to look around...
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What is the firing order for a 1989 Honda Civic?

1,3,4,2 starting at the lower left of the distributor cap and rotating clockwise. the cylinders are numbered 4,3,2,1 left to right. ...
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What does the service code B1 mean on a Honda Civic?

It means: Oil & Filter change and a Tire Rotation
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Are Triple H and Shawn Michaels still friends?

Well in real I'm sure they are, but in WWE its like they are enemies and they still hate each other. Yes, although the storyline is they hate each other. In real life they are good friends. I believe that Shawn Michaels and HHH are friends in real life, but not in the WWE. I think this because if you are big rivals in the WWE you need time to plan out the match so they probably make the HHH vs. HBK...
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Where is the oil temperature sensor on a 1986 Corvette?

It's above the oil filter and below the ground bolt on the side of the block. ...
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Where can you a fuse box diagram for a 1993 Honda Civic?

I bought the fuse box cover as well as the small decal that shows all of the fuses at the local Honda dealer for my 92 Civic for about $10. Check with them. Don't forget that there are two fuse boxes for the 1993 Civic; one is below and to the left of the steering column, the other is in the rear of the engine compartment on the passenger's side. ...
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Location of the PCV valve on a '98 Honda Civic DX?

Mine is Civic DX 97. Believe it's the same. Get under your car, take off your oil filter, your PCV valve is right above your oild filter. It's recommended to replace it from there. Good luck! ...
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How do you replace the alternator on a 1988 Honda Civic DX?

the best way is to bring it up and back along the firewall accross the back of engine to the right side and up by air filter out of the car. ...
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Can you put any Civic springs on a Civic hatchback?

To retain proper spring rate and handling, one should keep the springs within chassis year ranges (i.e. 88-91, 92-95, 96-00, 01-05, etc.). Any Civic model within those year ranges should share springs with other submodels within the same year ranges. install 88-91 springs in any 1992-00 civic and you will retain factory ride quality with about 2.5" of lowering. Your camber adjustment will be out just like lowering springs though. ...
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What is the procedure to replace an oil pan gasket and shifter seal on a 1997 Honda Civic EX 4 door model?

Oil pan - you need to get under the vehicle and remove the engine support that runs under the engine from front to rear. Remove all the screws holding the oil pan. Clean off the old gasket from the oil pan and engine block completely. They may need to be scraped to get them clean, but don't scratch the surfaces. Use a little silicone sealant (rtv) to stick the gasket to the pan. You may wish to put a little sealant...
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Why does the engine rev up while sitting in park?

malfunction? Did you turn the car off?
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Is converting a automatic transmission to manual possible on all cars without an onboard computer?

Possible? yeah, it is possible. But is it worth the trouble? That is another question. not worth it unless your building a racer stay with the auto I would agree with the answer above me partially, a manual is better for faster accel and more accel control, it is also better if you live in a cold weather state where automatics can be damaged by driving them cold, or trying to jostle them out of snow and ice. But if you don't...
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What would cause a 1995 Honda Civic to lose power only when it is warm outside?

It's possible it's sucking hot air from the engine compartment. If you've got a stock air intake - see if you can't find a better location for the intake below the filter box. Obviously hotter air means less density, means less air, means less power. It sounds like your car may be getting a to hot(overheating). Check fuel pump relay plug/switch (not sure of location on '95 but located on '92 model under dash near fuse box on driver's side). Heat from inside...
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How do you replace the alternator on a 1998 Honda Civic?

i replaced mine twice, you can bring it out through the top end of the car but get it has a bolt from underneath the car, you need to take off the intake (plastic part) as well as the brake cylinder, as it is a tight fit, however it only comes up out of the engine and cannot be removed from the bottom, don't forget to disconnect battery before working on the car. Actually this is not completely true. It is...
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Why does a car stall if not warmed up in cold weather and how can this be fixed?

I'm not really qualified to go into the whys; there are a number of possibles. Try using a winter oil (5W-xx or 10W-xx) and run a tank of super unleaded through it. run gas line antifreeze in tank if it's really cold, also if you have fuel injection it may be a faulty temp. sensor, if it's a carburated vehicle it could be the atomatic choke not working as it should, but yeah 5w30 oil is good for the cold season...
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How do you change the windshield washer pump on a 1990 Honda Civic DX?

I am just working on my Civic 1997 and I have found it on the reservoir. On mine the reservoir is on the left side under the fender. You have to remove the fence. Then I saw the reservoir, I pull on the pump which is just fit in a rubber ring. Sorry for my English. ...
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How do you adjust the headlights on a 1999 Honda Civic DX Coupe?

Actually if you look at the back of the headlight you will see an arangement of platic gears ... by turning those gears you can ajust the light possition. How exactly you might go about setting it right is up to you. Cheers, JFL ...
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What is the gas tank capacity of a 97 Honda Civic 2 door coupe?

This can be found in your owners manual. If you do not have one, I suggest you get one at a Salvage yard or order one from the dealer. 45 litres or 11.9 US gallons. ...
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How do you get to the hood latch on a 99 Honda Civic to repair or replace it if it is not catching?

my hood latch did the same thing, and i found the only way to make it catch is by manually pushing the hood release button BACK IN before closing the hood and then it seems to work fine If you have to manually push the release back in to operate the mechanism, you have one of two problems. The spring on the hood latch is broken or the hood latch or release cable is corroded and sticky. Locate the hood latch...
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Will springs for a 95 civic fit on a 98 civic?

Yes 92-00 Honda springs are interchangeable
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What is the exact angle when you adjust the ignition with a timing light on a Honda Civic engine type D15Z4?

there is no exact angle on your timing light you just shoot the light on the main pulley& tune the distributor cap to the rpms u want to be turning over in that particular engine 12 degrees BTDC (before top dead center), normally the crankshaft pulley has 2 indicators on its side, the single line ( marked color white) and 3 lines together with the center line marked color red. The 3 lines together is your indicator to get the correct...
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What are tips for driving a Honda Civic 1998 with automatic transmission or more precisely how to use the E and S button?

You must be kidding. D means go forward, R means back up, and P means park. N is neutral, and 1(or L) and 2 are for forceing the lower gears, but you only use them for climing very step hills or for a faster take off at lighs (not recommended) Some have an "over drive" (mitshbishi) button pressing it will select one gear down. The "E" and "S" (as well as the normal "Drive" )settings describe different operating envelopes that you...
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How do you remove the horn assembly on the steering wheel on a 1991 Honda Civic?

well ther are four skrews behind the steriing wheel u can feel them or see them if u can fit ur head in between ur steering wheel and dash if u r planning on putting a new steering wheel in then i sujest u just yank the hell out of it it will mak the horn sound just intil u pull it out . ...