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Q: How much oil is in a visa gold card?
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I recently ordered 6 coty musk oil and it has been charged to my visa card in American funds i do not have the product and don't understand why it is charged in us funds when i ordered it from can?

I am waiting for a package of Coty Musk oil to 12 memorial crescent in guelph that has been charged to my visa card and i have not received it. it is charged in u.s. dollars and i ordered from canada. my name is judith rosenberg

Which are mineral's oil or gold?


Is mineral oil or gold?

it is gold

How much oil do you add to a jeep Cherokee sport 1998?

6 quarts of your favorite 10w30 oil. Napa Gold #1085 oil filter.

What do you trade for the gold pan?

You trade the oil can for the gold pan after you trade the saddle for the gold pan. Saddle to gold pan to oil can.

How much is the oil painting'Tall Story' by M Dovaston worth?

I have an oil painting of Dovaston The Tall Story in a gold jilted frame how much is this with it looks in good condition

How much oil does a 13.5 HP BS IC Gold Engine hold?

40 oz.

Can gold nuggets be mixed with petroleum oil?

yes Not really. Gold is a metal and oil is a liquid. Someone can drop pieces of gold into oil but you could easily pick it out. Some have called oil black gold ,but that is only a metaphor. Oil is only "gold" because it made people rich, no other reason

How much oil goes in a 1982 Honda Gold-wing Motorcycle?

Should be 3.2 to 3.5 liters, that's with the oil filter changed.

Is gold found in crude oil?

There may be trace of gold in crude oil but it is not a significant component.

Can you visit offshore rig and am on single entry visa?

can I visit the offshore oil and gas drilling rigs and am on a single entry visa

What is the black gold?


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