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how much oil is required to change oil and filter in a 1997 Harley Davidson Sportser

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2.5 quarts, 3 if you change the filter.

how much is a 1996 harley softail worth

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4 qts w/ filter 20W 50 air cooled oil, pref harley brand

4 qts..considering full drain with filter change

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3 qts 20w50 in the oil tank, about 20 oz in the tranny and 1 qt of primary lube in the primary.

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It takes 6.5 litres of oil with a filter change.

How much fork oil goes into a harley 2002 softail forks??

Four quarts. It may not use all of four quarts, but close.

3.5 to 3.7 Quarts. After oil change 4 Quarts if dry and brand new motor.

3.8 to 4 quarts is required for an oil change.

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