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The Yellowstone caldera is not "overdue" for an eruption. You may have heard that the Yellowstone Caldera erupts regularly every 600,000 years and the last major eruption was 640,000 years ago. In reality the caldera does not erupt regularly and as gone as long as 800,000 years without a major eruption.

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Yellowstone is a super-volcano. It erupts roughly every 600 thousand years, and the last eruption was about 640 thousand years ago, so we are 'overdue'. It is unclear when Yellowstone will erupt, but if it does, it will be quite a terrible event.

Yellowstone National Park is a super volcano. Yellowstone is over a "hot spot" which is why there are geysers there. The hot spot blew millions of years ago leaving a caldera where the geysers are. Yellowstone is a volcano but do not go expecting an eruption unless you can wait a few million years.

No. compared to many other volcanoes, the eruption from Vesuvius was small. There are things called "supercvolcanoes". The most famous one i can think of being Yellowstone. Nearly the entire Yellowstone National Park is settled inside the caldera of the volcano. The magma chamber from Yellowstone is big enough to hold New York City. There are other supervolcanoes in the world, and not all are extinct(such as Yellowstone. Which is overdue for an eruption by a couple thousand years). They are the ones that are real dangers.

Yes, it is possibe that there could be another super eruption for the super volcano in Yellowstone National Park. the last time it exploded was : 640,000 YEARS AGO

Yellowstone volcano is the world's largest super volcano. It is the area beneath Yellowstone National Park.

The volcano is in the national park.

No. The last eruption of the Yellowstone volcano was about 70,000 years ago. Its last super eruption was 640,000 years ago.

The Yellowstone volcano is not just a volcano - it is a supervolcano. Geologists maintain there have been no eruptions for tens of thousands of years. It is constantly releasing pressure, although it appears the ground levels due to the movement of magma have risen several centimetres in the last century. However, despite scientists believing that a major eruption is well overdue, it currently shows no signs of an imminent major eruption.

Yes. The Yellowstone volcano has produced several VEI-8 eruptions, the most explosive level of eruption possible.

No. The last time Yellowstone erupted there were no people around to be affected.

It exsits in Yellowstone national park.

The largest volcano in the world is the Yellowstone supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park....

There's a supervolcano underground which is overdue, its gettingm hotter, steamier, and the worst part, the volcano is rising 1cm, but how do we know, it might not erupt in years.

It is beleived that Yellowstone has the capability to do so.

It was made by the volcano underneath Yellowstone NP

Yellowstone Caldera, Yellowstone National Park, USA

It is a caldera volcano and a fartsnifr volcano you choose

It didn't. The Yellowstone volcano last erupted about 70,000 years ago. The last super eruption was about 640,000 years ago.

the bad news is that there isn't a volcano inYellowstone the fact is that the whole of Yellowstone is just the creator wich is huge and makes it a super volcano which is not good at all!!!

the Yellowstone national

Yellowstone national park.

Yellowstone national park

Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming

Mt. Fuji is a volcano in Japan. It's last eruption was on December 16, 1707. It is long overdue for another eruption.

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