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Q: How much percentage of genomic DNA is active?
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What is a map of the distribution of cloned genomic DNA from genomic clone libraries?

physical map

What is the difference between Plasmic DNA and Genomic DNA?

the genomic DNA large and is the one that forms chromosomes. however, the plasmedic DNA is a small circular vector of DNA (3 kb - 5 kb)

Where does genomic DNA present in a tissue?

In the mitochondria

How many strands of DNA are there in a DNA fingerprint?

1 strand of naked genomic DNA cut by certain enzymes.

How is purified genomic DNA stored?

In an elution buffer at room temperature.

What are differences between isolation and purification?

They are the same (if you are talking about genomic DNA)

DNA microarrays have made a huge impact on genomic studies because they?

allows the expression of many or even all of the genes in the genome to be compared at once

Why mitochondria mutation study will isolated Genomic DNA instead of Mitochondrial DNA?

Yes,I don't know!Tell me..!

What are genomic imprinting DNA methylation and histone acetylation examples of?

Epigenetic Phenomena.

What is the role of 2-mercaptoethanol in the isolation of genomic DNA from a plant source?

It is an antioxidant.

What will be the positions of genomic DNA plasmid DNA and RNA in the agarose gel electrophoresis?

RNA band will be near the wells being single stranded,Genomic DNA will be at the centre of the gel being linear double stranded and plasmid DNA being circular moves faster and will be the brightest hence will be near the base..

What is meant by the term 'genomic DNA'?

Geonomic DNA references to the genome in the structure of the the DNA. The genome in the DNA is what makes people unique and without it, everyone would be the same.