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How much petrol does a car use per kilomitor?

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That all depends on the vehicle, and how it is being driven, if you really want to know how much petrol is being used, fill your car until the pump kicks out, no more, no less, reset your trip odometer or record the number on your odometer then drive, just drive normally, and when you need to fill up again, fill it to the same point, just where the pump kicks out, and write down how many litres you put in, then record your distance on your trip odometer, then its easy, take your volume of petrol and divide it by how many kilometers you drove, and it will give you an average of how much you burned per kilometer.

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How much does car petrol cost per 1 km?

That depends on the size and efficiency of the car/engine.

How much petrol for a 135 mile journey?

What's the average miles per gallon of the car? If a car gets 30 miles per gallon, it will use less petrol than a car that gets 20 miles per gallon. without knowlege of the miles per gallon, this guestion really can not be answered, because all cars have different miles per gallon.

How much petrol does a 1.6 liter engine use per km?

A modern 1.6 liter engine, depending on the body of the car, has very good petrol economy. They can use as little as .068 liters per km.

How much petrol and diesel consupmtion in India per day?

india using petrol and diesel in per day

How much was petrol in 1987?

Petrol cost Rs 7.60 per litre in India.

How much petrol will you need from Nottingham to Birmingham?

between a third and two thirds of a gallon depending on the miles per gallon of your car.

How much money a person spends on petrol consumed for going to market to purchase grocery vegetables medicines etc?

Can't be calculated without knowing the following:distance to and from marketprice per gallon of petrolmpg consumption of petrol by car

How much does petrol cost per liter?

it is 2.3434343434343434 pounds per litre

How much was a gallon of petrol in 1966?

petrol cost two shillings and six pence per gallon

How much does petrol cost per mile?

about 35 cents

How much was a gallon of petrol in 1972?

27p per gal

How much does petrol cost in London?

About £1.35 per litre

How much petrol will you use to travel for105 miles?

At 15 miles per gallon, 7 gallons of petrol.

How much petrol does 85miles cost?

That is totally dependent on the price for the petrol and and the miles per gallon rating on the vehicle.

How much is petrol prices?

At my local Tesco in south-west Sussex, England Petrol 95 is 1.14 per litre.

How much would it cost in petrol to drive 800 miles 130 p per liter of petrol?

300 dollars

How much does a gallon of petrol weigh?

6 pounds per gallon

How much is petrol in Saudi Arabia?

7p (UK) per litre.

How many kilometres in 4 miles?

If I travelled 840 km & used 63 litres of petrol how much petrol per km did I get

How much ruppise per liter petrol in India?

1 liter of petrol i India costs between 1800 and 2400 Rupees.

How much does a liter of petrol cost in Australia in 2008?

Today, petrol is 106 cents per litre. Two months ago, it was over 160 cents per litre.

How much petrol and diesel consumption in India per day?

1 crore liter per day

How much was petrol a gallon in 1952?

51d per gallon (equivalent to approx. 4.5p per litre)

How much petrol does a 1.5 liter engine use per km?


How much was petrol in UK in1989?

Average price was about £1.75 per gallon.