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There are two equally correct answers to this question, all and none. Some people consider anything man does as as a source of pollution and disruption of the natural state of things. Thus, man causes all pollution, because every thing else is "natural". Others consider man part of the natural state and therefore any done by man is natural and not pollution. Thus man cannot cause pollution because we are part of the "natural system" on Earth. It also depends on what is considered a "pollutant". Let's talk about air pollution. Common auto pollutants are HC, NOX, CO, and particulates. Some people also add CO2 because it is a green house gas. Water vapor is the most common and important green house gas. The human body produces HC as part of digestion, respiration (breathing) generates CO2 and water vapor and our skin releases "particles" into the air as new shin continuously replaces old. Of course humans do not just contribute to air pollution. They contribute to water pollution, noise pollution, and light pollution also.

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Q: How much pollution is generated by humans?
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How much oil pollution is caused by humans?

43% of the oil pollution taht happens is caused by humans.

How much nuclear power pollution is generated in the US?

Very little, the main pollution generated by a properly functioning nuclear power plant is thermal pollution (i.e. heat that would not normally be present otherwise).

What are the types of pollution generated in fish and vegetable markets?

air pollution and water pollution are the main types of pollution generated in fish and vegetable market

What effect does transportation have on air pollution?

Until we have Tokomak generated Solar Fusion Generated Energy, all transportation will increase air pollution.

How noise pollution is harmful to humans?

Noise pollution is harmful to humans in various ways. This mainly causes impaired hearing, headaches, stress and so much more.

How much pollution do wee al make in one year?

Not very much...tbh horses make more pollution than us humans...

Solid waste pollution?

Solid waste pollution is any type of solid and semi-solid waste substances that are generated from humans or animals. It is also referred to as garbage and includes broken containers, trash, and defective products.

Why pollution happens?

Pollution is the result of harming the environment in whatever way. Humans cause pollution, as well as nature, humans of course, are worse.

Why is it that air pollution harms humans?

air pollution can harm humans by the leathel toxens in it it can also kill animals and create water pollution

What are the effects and causes of chemical pollution?

Chemical pollution is caused when foreign substances are allowed to enter soil and water by humans. They can make wild life or humans ill, depending on what the chemical is and how much was dumped.

Pollution or waste that is generated from a business is called a?

Waste stream.

What is the effect of humans on the environment?

Humans are responsible for much environmental harm. Essentially deforestation, air pollution and depletion of the Ozone layer.

What are threats to the African Rainforest Elephant?

mostly humans because of pollution, global warming, and and much much more .

How do humans impact soil pollution?

Impact of soil pollution

What types of pollution is generated by gold mining?

Water pollution can be caused if chemicals are used to separate metals from the earth.

What is the effect of thermal pollution to the health of humans?

There are no known direct effects of thermal pollution directly to humans. Thermal pollution does have numerous effects on aquatic life.

How far humans are responsible for pollution?

We humans are entirely responsible for the pollution that we create. No one else is responsible for this, but us.

What impact has humans had on the arctic tundra?

not much but hunting and pollution i guess. also global warming.

Causes for marine pollution?

The main cause of marine pollution are humans!!!

Do pollution hurt animal and humans?

yes pollution hurts wildlife.

How could garbage pollution affect humans?

Garbage pollution affect humans because it has the smell of dead people on the ground

Pollutants caused by humans?

Air pollution, water pollution and others are just a few of the many pollutants causedby humans.

How do animals and humans erode the environment?

We ( as in humans and animals as one) erode the earth by digging it up, and building over it. Also, our pollution increasing the process of eroding. It does that by the increase in acid rain, from pollution, which erodes rocks much faster.

How can pollution affect humans?

pollution affects humans because it causes people to delvelope lung cancer and sometimes can kill people

How can the pollution of marine habitats affect humans?

Pollution of marine habitat can cause disease of fish that humans may ultimatley concume.