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The Vermont Yankee plant is currently licensed to produce 620 MW. It was originally licensed to produce 520 MW, but received an uprate in power output in May of 2006.

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There is only one nuclear power plant in Vermont, which is the Vermont Yankee plant in Vernon. Vernon is in the southeast corner of the state.

None. The Connecticut Yankee nuclear power plant decommissioning was completed in 2007.

Electricity produced by a nuclear power plant-but it is exactly the same as any other electricity

It was the Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant which produced around 5 megawatts of electric power. Russia.

This is an electrical question, not a nuclear question.The voltage produced by a nuclear power plant is a function of the design of the generator. It varies, depending on the manufacturer. One plant that I worked on had a generator output voltage of 24,000 volts.

In the United States, Westinghouse developed the first commercial nuclear power plant. Yankee Rowe started in 1960 and was in operation until 1992.

The steam turbines (which use the steam produced by the hot nuclear pile).

In a nuclear power plant, the heat energy released from fission is used to change water into steam. the steam then turns the blades of a turbine to generate electricity.

Energy produced by nuclear power cannot be stored, it has to be used as soon as it is produced. This is done by producing steam from the thermal energy released and using this in a conventional power plant

The average thermal efficiency of a nuclear power plant, which accounts the heat produced in the reactor and the electricity produced in the turbo generator, is about 33-34%, varying on the type of the reactor as well as which fluid is used to cool the reactor and transfer the heat.

A lot! The US Energy Information Administration says that the Vermont Yankee has a capacity of 620 megawatts during the summer. To generate 5 megawatts of solar power requires a solar farm about 30-35 acres large. Since 620 divided by 5 is 124, you would need 124 x 30 acres of solar plants. That comes to a total of 3,720 acres! One acre is 43,560 square feet. This means that it would require 162,043,200 square feet of solar farm to replace the facility which takes up less than one acre. And that's based on the low estimate. If you are looking for alternatives to the Vermont Yankee, I suggest you look elsewhere, because solar won't do it in Vermont.

does not have a nuclear power plant

A nuclear reactor is the device that converts binding energy into heat. A nuclear power plant uses a nuclear reactor to generate electricity.

In 1942 Ricardo Husada invented the nuclear reactor. His team produced the first nuclear chain reaction! 1954 - Worlds first nuclear power plant (Russia) started generating electricity. The first large-scale nuclear power station opened at Calder Hall in Cumbria, England, in 1956.

simply, the nuclear reactor is the source of heat (or steam) for the nuclear power plant.

what is the existing of nuclear power plant?

Chernobyl was a Nuclear Power Plant.

How is a nuclear power plant safe?

what is negative of the nuclear power plant

A part of the electricity reaching our homes can be produced in a nuclear power plant.You must not forget it.

Nuclear Fallout comes from a nuclear power plant.

Depends on where you get the electricity to recharge the batteries. If the electricity is produced in a hydro-electric plant then there is almost no pollution. If the electricity comes from a nuclear power plant then you have nuclear waste. If the electricity comes from a coal-fired plant that you do have pollution from the burning of coal.

Yes the Plant Cell has Nuclear Membrane.

There is no nuclear power plant in Alaska.

Ågesta Nuclear Plant was created in 1962.

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