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How much should I pay tax at DMV when sell used car?


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If you are the "private" seller you do not collect sales tax. If your states requires sales tax to be paid on a private sell then the DMV will collect it when the buyer registers the car.

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Only if the car was registered in Texas in your name.

There are numerous locations and internet webpages that buy and sell used cars. Used car dealerships, newspaper ads, or even the DMV website, to name a few, can provide such a service.

Sell or transfer your vehicle.

You should have gone to the DMV when you bought the car. They hand the license plates to you when you register it. If your state does it differently, you need to phone them or go to DMV.

Continue to drive with it expired and get arrested --- or --- RENEW IT! The DMV should have sent you a renewal form. If not, go to the DMV and renew it.

A power of attorney expires upon the death of the principal. You cannot use it to sell your mother' car because it is void. You should contact your local DMV to determine what is required in your state to sell a motor vehicle belonging to a deceased parent. Most probate courts have an expedited process when there is a small amount in assets such as a car. Inquire at the DMV and at your local probate court.

NO. Contact your local DMV and get a duplicate Title.

The bill of sale at the DMV is a form you need to fill out when you want to sell your vehicle. The bill of sale form is one of the most overlooked forms.

Go to your state's DMV website. The procedure should be set forth pretty clearly there.

We give up. Should that nonsensical sequence of things happen, you'll have to tell us.

Yes you must have a title to sell the car. If you do not have a title contact your local DMV for advise on how to get a title.

Some states will charge a minimum tax even if the vehicle is a gift. You should contact the Virginia DMV for the correct answer as it varies from state to state Should be tax-exempt form available at DMV

In what state? Type in your state and city DMV on Google, it should bring up a page with all DMV offices in that vicinity, and their hours.

I'm not positive that there is a license to buy them, I am aware that there is a license to sell them, but buying used cars you just need money. Now if you meant selling used cars, then you must talk to DMV in USA and you must specifically state as to where you are located for more information, I mean what state or what country you are in. DMV is the Department of Motor Vehicles and they can assist you better.

The DMV issues Identification cards(ID). You should check with your local DMV for more information.

No, I used to work for a DMV and they can not give out private info.

You should be taking your driving test AT the DMV, from a DMV examiner. He will record your score on the DMV computer record data base. This would be for the written or road test. Even if you take you tests from a third party tester, he/she would still need to report it to the DMV.

If you reside in California, check with your local DMV.

In most states, just go to your DMV and apply for a duplicate title.

Release of liability is used when you sell or transfer a car out of your name. You submit the paper work to the dmv, and it releases you from any further obligation to that car.

No. The DMV has no idea what you paid for it or sold it for, so they have no amount to report to the IRS.

yes because it is in the system a the dmv just like cars. or you can go to dmv if u dont have one a pay some fees and have a new title mailed to you.

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