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How much should a 15 month baby girl weigh?

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The average weight of 15 month baby girl is 23.36 pounds.

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She should only weigh about 1-3 more pounds than when she was born so for an 3 month average baby girl, she should weigh about 9-15 pounds.

She should weigh like 13 - 15 lbs at the most unless she is premature

The average weight of a 14 month old baby girl is about 18.7 (8.5kg) pounds up to 28.6 pounds (13kg).

Depends how tall, and some babies are just chubby. :)

The average size of an 18month year old baby should be about 45-50cm and should weigh 9-13kg

mines weigh 22 pds and she is 30 in

Normally about 12-14 pounds but it depends on its size do you have a baby girl that weighs 16 pounds

The average baby looses some weight after birth, but at one month a weight of 10 pounds would be considered healthy. A baby girl will often weigh a bit less than a boy, averaging about a pound less.

The average weight of 9 months old baby girl is approx 19.62 pounds.

it can get pregnant in minutes but the baby should come in 3weeks to a month

i would say that probably a 5 month old girl should weigh about 8.5lbs-11lbs

It should be between 9 to 13 kg mostly depends on the height of the baby

yes. in Bangladesh a 3 month old baby girl and 11 month old baby boy were married.I don't know when, but somewhere between2013. the babies are the youngest to marry.

a 5th grade girl should weigh about 85 to 95 pounds

18 month old babies can average 25 pounds, but this can vary quite a bit.

The 16th month of a normal human pregnancy

they should weigh about 42 pounds.

They should weigh around 70 pounds.

17 pounds is the average weight for a 10 month old baby

For a teenage girl your supposed to check your weight every month and maintain it.Not gain or lose

It all depends on height. A girl that is about 5'4" should weigh about 115 on average. However, someone taller should weigh more and someone shorter should weigh less.